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Features & Guest Posts

Collection of Redheads on book covers

  1. The Redheads' Invasion 
  2. New Redheads!
  3. Redheads can't leave me alone! 
  4. Red Hot or Not?
  5.  The Reds are coming!
  6. Oh no, she didn't! More redheads, news and drool worthy covers
  7. Ugly redheaded stepchildren and a few delightfully messed up books
  8. Redheads Get The Blues
  9. Hunt for Red november, Cover Envy and Some Gossip
  10. Blimey, is there such thing as too many redheads?
  11. The Unbeatable Reds! 
  12. The Reds Are Back in Force! 
  13. Redheads again? Why not?
  14. Just Call Me Red 
  15. An Explosion of Redheads or Begone Satan! 
  16. Redheads Galore 
  17. The Abundance of Reds

My Guilty Pleasure

My Guilty Pleasure (MGP) is about something that you do when you get tired of reading books in the same genre and try something different. It's your little safety cushion, your favorite read, movie or a silly comforting ritual.

  1. MGP #1 - Doctors in HR
  2. MGP #2 - Spies in HR 
  3. MGP #3 - Time Travel 
  4. MGP #4 - British Comedy 
  5. MGP #5 - Anime 
  6. MGP #6 - Beautiful voices 
  7. MGP #7 - Nu Metal
  8. MGP#8 - Folk/New Age Music

Artists Behind the Covers

  1. ABC #1 - Tony Mauro, Dan Dos Santos, Chris McGrath
  2. ABC #2 - Nekro, Cliff Neilsen
  3. ABC #3 - Jason Chan, Timothy Lantz 
  4. ABC#4 - Gene Mollica, Craig White 
  5. ABC#5 - Angela Waters, Kanaxa 
  6. ABC#6 - Balbusso, Aleta Rafton, Amazing15


  1. Steampunk'd #1 - definition 
  2. Steampunk'd #2 or exploring the music

Around The World in Book Covers

  1. Around The World in Book Covers #1
  2. Around The World in Book Covers #2
  3. Around The World in Book Covers #3
  4. Around The World in Book Covers #4 
  5. ATWIBC#5 - Russian Vs. British Covers

  1. 10 Must See Movies For The Geek in You (Cindy C. Bennett)
  2. Creating a New Halloween Myth (Rob Blackwell)
  3. Top Ten Places to Find a Vampire in Elemental Mysteries world 
  4. Ten Hot Spots for A Date With a Vampire in London
  5. Top Ten 90s Misfires
  6. Top 8 Sea Creatures, Monsters and Oddities
  7. Top 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from A Telepath
  8. Vamps in Space!
  9. The Rough Guide to The Multiverse
  10. The Collector Influences from Chris F. Holm
  11. 5 Tips for Surviving An Evil Boss

    1.  My Top Five Zombie Movies
    2. 20 Horrible Ways to Die Living in Middle Ages
    3. Bookish Inspiration Behind Marking Time
    4. TV & Anime Entertainment for Paranormally Inclined
    5. Top 10 Horror Movies of 21st Century
    6. Meeting a Popular UF Hero/Heroine
    7. 5 Signs You Might Be Living in Dystopia
    8. Books That Made Me Fall in Love with Asia
    9. My Top 10 Fairytale Movies
      1. Marked by Alex Hughes: An Interview with Adam, The Telepath in Question
      2. Laughing Through The Graveyard
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