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My Guilty Pleasure #3 - Time Travelling

My Guilty Pleasure (MGP) is about something that you do when you get tired of reading books in the same genre and try something different. It's your little safety cushion, your favorite read, movie or a silly comforting ritual.
* * *
 Тема эта о том, что происходит когда вы устаёте читать один и тот же жанр и хотите чего-то давно знакомого и уютного. Это может быть любимая старая книга, фильм и даже какой-нибудь дурацкий ритуал. Главное, чтобы MGP приносило комфорт.
 Time travelling! Who doesn't like it or doesn't find it exciting?

For me the attraction is in what a modern person will do and how they will use their skills, mind set and knowledge to survive?

I've already mentioned Diana Gabaldon, whose contribution to my love of doctors in historicals is huge. :) Claire, the main character is also a time traveller. So I'm not going to talk about this series anymore.

However, here are a few of old books which for me were fantastic time travelling historical romances.

В этот раз я признаюсь в том, что я очень люблю романы с путешествием во времени. Меня завораживают возможности современного человека в прошлом. Что он сделает согласно своим знаниям и способностям, чтобы выжить? 

Вот несколько моих старых и любимых книг...

Synopsis from Goodreads
Abandoned by a cruel fate, lovely, thoroughly modern Dougless Montgomery lay weeping upon a cold tombstone in an English church. Suddenly, as if in answer to her prayers, the most extraordinary man appeared.
He was Nicholas Stafford, Earl of Thornwyck...and according to his tombstone he had died in 1564. Tall, broad of shoulder, attired in gleaming silver and gold, he was magnificent. Drawn to his side by a bond so sudden and compelling it overshadowed reason, Dougless knew that Nicholas was nothing less than a miracle: a man who would not seek to change her, who found her perfect, fascinating, just as she was.
Yet she could not imagine how strong were the chains that tied them to the past...or the grand adventure that lay before them....

Who knows HR and doesn't know this book? It's practically classics. There are two moments which are unusual - there is no happily ever after, and there are two points of time travel - a 16th century knight appears in modern England and a modern woman travels back to his era. Extremely entertaining, awkward, amusing and sad.

Кто из поклонников исторического романа не знает эту книгу? Это почти что классика. Счастливой концовки здесь нет и герой из 16 века сначала попадает в 20в., а потом современная героиня - в его время. 

Synopsis from Goodreads
From the shadows of the past.
Prim and beautiful professor Roseleen White clutches her new prized profession - a thousand-year-old Scandinavian sword. And suddenly, a dream stands before her: a magnificent Viking warrior sworn to satisfy Roseleen′s every desire.
Until forever.
Accursed for untold centuries, mighty Thorn is now enslaved to a woman. Yet it is Roseleen who is the true prisoner, held willing captive by a handsome barbarian who sweeps her back to the ancient past on a journey of sensual discovery. But only by banishing him from her life forever can Roseleen free Thorn from immortality′s chains - forcing her to make a devastating choice that will either imperil their future or preserve a love more powerful than time.

Horrible synopsis, don't you think? The fact is here is this Viking who doesn't have an opportunity to come out of the sword very often, and bam! he is in the 20th century which brings a lot of hilarity when he gets spooked and hacks some machinery with his sword...or tries to chew on unwrapped from the plastic sandwich. The main characters also manage to travel back in time for battle of Hastings 1066, which was very exciting.

Викинг, на которого наложено заклинание, попадает в 20-й век в руки профессора истории. Смешные ситуации с ним, пугающимся всего современного и интересная история, когда героиня попадает в битву при Гастингсе 1066-го года, вернувшись назад во времени.

Synopsis from Goodreads
Touching the legendary moonstone, Annabel Poe is swept back in time to an ancient English world of poets and highwaymen, where she is relentlessly drawn to a virile nobleman whose secrets threaten untold peril while his touch promises overwhelming ecstasy. 

Again a godawful synopsis, but a beautiful mad story. There are romantic poets - Keats, both Shelleys, Byron, plagiarism, highwaymen, moonlight and crazy romance. Modern American woman researching a famous poet goes back in time only to discover that he didn't write his poetry. He's stolen it from another man. Very Gothic story, I remember loving the WTfery :) 

Один из моих первых исторических романов с путешествием во времени. Он - готичен и даже вмещает в себя знаменитых исторических фигур - поэтов Китса, Байрона и Шелли, и ну и прочую совершенно повёрнутую муть, которой так известны романы начала 90-х годов.

И наконец мой последний роман подобной тематики, на который к меня выложено ревью.
А как насчёт вас? Любите ли вы эту тематику? Есть ли у вас любимая книга на эту тему?

At last, my latest time travel YA, which was amazing! Review here

So what do you think of time travel? Do you like it? What are your favorite books?

P.S. How about movies?



titania86 said...

Time travel is pretty awesome. My favorite show right now is Doctor Who, which features a time lord travelling through time and space saving people. Terminator 2 and Back to the Future are good time travel films. Even though I like the concept, I can't think of any books I've read that have used it well. Waterfall sounds interesting, so I'll keep an eye out for it.

BTW, I love that you used a picture of Drusilla for your graphic. :)

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Back to the Future! I've seen all the films so many times... they are just excellent! I've stopped watching Dctor Who after he (as David Tennant) separated from Rose, I just couldn't force myself to watch different couples - they were so good together and it was so sad...
Waterfall was interesting, and there are two more books I haven't read. Drusilla is wicked - I love her character :)

Unknown said...

Great post hon. I am so with you, I love time traveling. You can't go wrong with Doctor Who. Kara, you are like my brother, he stopped after David Tennant left too. But the new guy, Matt Smith, is actually pretty great. This coming from the girl who think Tennant is the greatest thing ever! I am just saying, give him a chance. Also, Back to the Future is a favorite for me too. I have seen them all soooo many times and they never get old especially part 2, it is my favorite.

Also want to send you a congratulations. I nominated you for the Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Award on my blog. Get the details here:

Congrats again on being awesome hon :)

vvb32 reads said...

i really got into time traveling books from gabaldon's outlander too! and want to visit scotland since then as well ;-D

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