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Erotic Romance Early Review: The Virgin by Tiffany Reisz

The Virgin by Tiffany Reisz (The Original Sinners: White Years #3)

Egalley thanks to Harlequin MIRA

Synopsis from Goodreads
The controversial story before the story continues in the critically acclaimed and award-winning series The Original Sinners.

For years, Kingsley Edge warned Eleanor the day would come when she, the mistress of a well-respected Catholic priest, would have to run and hide. She always imagined if that day came she'd be running away with Søren. But instead, she's running from him.

Knowing Søren and Kingsley will their use their influence to bring her back, Eleanor alone, penniless and scared takes refuge at the one place the men in her life cannot follow: the abbey where her mother has taken orders. Behind the cloistered gates of the convent, Eleanor hides from the man she loves and hates in equal measure

She cannot, however, hide from her true nature. When Eleanor befriends a young virginal nun, she faces a startling sexual awakening. But Eleanor can't stay forever, and the lure of her real life beckons beyond the locked gates. But to follow her fate means to leave Kyrie behind, a sacrifice Eleanor refuses to make

The lure of the forbidden. The temptation to sin. The price of passion has never been higher, and Eleanor will have to pay it if she ever wants to go home again.

Release date: March  31st 2015.

Amazon  US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | The Book Depository


* * *
While I always adore reading about Nora's escapades, I admit it was Kingsley who reigned supreme in this book.

The Virgin talks about that year when Eleanor left Søren and spent eight months at her mother's abbey.
It was hard to read this one, folks. You know how much I adore Søren, but even I was forced to admit  that Nora was right to leave him.

Paranormal Romance Early Review: Deception by D.B. Reynolds

Deception by D.B. Reynolds (Vampires in America #9)

Egalley thanks to ImaJinn Books, Inc.

Synopsis from Goodreads
Kauai, Hawaii—tropical paradise, vibrant jungle, turquoise sea... and sensuous nights that hide vampires so powerful they can change the world.

Raphael—powerful, extraordinary, arrogant. He’s been eliminating rivals and gathering allies, determined not just to survive, but to demolish the Europeans who think they can steal what he’s worked for centuries to create. In a final bid to avert a war that seems inevitable, Raphael agrees to meet an enemy he knows of old. She is formidable, wily, and not to be trusted. But in his arrogance, Raphael believes he can foil whatever treachery she has brewing.

Cynthia Leighton—Raphael’s human mate, beautiful, smart, and deadly when threatened. She doesn’t trust anyone, much less a powerful vampire claiming to want peace. So while Raphael prepares to negotiate a treaty, Cyn is preparing for the inevitable double-cross that she knows is coming. Raphael worries about saving thousands of vampire lives. She only cares about one, and she will do anything to keep him alive and in her arms.

When Cyn is proven right, when it all falls apart and Raphael’s enemies draw on ancient magic to trap him, taking him away from Cyn and out of the war, it all falls to her—to find Raphael, to save the thousands of vampires who will die if she doesn’t succeed... and to kill every single being, human or vampire, who gets in her way.

Release date:  March 31, 2015.

Amazon US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK 


 * * *

I think Donna  has outdone herself this time! I haven't experienced such sense of urgency, such rush of adrenaline in a long while.

Psychological Thriller Early Review: Murder in Hindsight by Anne Cleeland

Murder in Hindsight by Anne Cleeland (Scotland Yard #3)

Egalley thanks to Kensington

Synopsis from Goodreads
The victims are all criminals who eluded justice—until they ran afoul of an avenger whose modus operandi is a bullet to the back of the head. The key to the vigilante's identity lies in connecting the cold cases to an event that may have triggered retribution after all these years.

Meanwhile, Doyle finds herself shadowed by a mysterious figure. After the man steps forward to rescue her from harm, she wonders why he is invested in protecting her. But when she learns he's in contact with Acton's nemesis, she fears she's being used in a plot against her husband.

The stakes are high, and both Doyle and Acton must work independently to outwit the players—before their lives are brought crashing down like a house of cards…

Release date: March 31st 2015.

Amazon  US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | The Book Depository  


* * *
I've just finished Murder in Hindsight and absolutely loved it!

Acton and Doyle are such an unusual couple. They have unique dynamics in their relationship and I end up getting glued to the screen of my kindle every time I read a book in this series. Let me explain their appeal.

Acton is a modern "Holmes", titled, rich, highly ranked police detective...He is also highly dysfunctional. He drinks, he obsesses, he is a hermit, and he is a very dark hero, almost an antihero. When he fixates on a green police constable, Kathleen Doyle, in the first book in the series, Murder in Thrall, only her own oddness and isolation due to her ability sense lies creates this space field surrounding them both that no one else can understand. She tames the dragon, figuratively speaking.

Two books later this couple has been through a hell of a lot and is happily married, or would be if only people stop going after the famous detective. This time Acton's secrets catch up to him and he is forced to play a dangerous, complicated game to deceive a powerful enemy, and Doyle has to play along no matter how hurtful the circumstances are.

Add to it Doyle investigating a series of murders by a vigilante, a very stressful weekend at Acton's estate, worried Williams and a mysterious guardian angel who looks after Doyle but just as easily can turn on her... and Kathleen is on a very thin ice.

While some mysteries in this book are easy to solve, others keep their secrets until the end. I also find it very intriguing that Kathleen's gift is getting stronger and morphing into something more complex. Murder in Hindsight might not be as dramatic as Murder in Retribution, but it's no less mesmerising. Read it, highly recommended.

* * *
Я только что дочитала эту книгу и получила огромное удовольствие!

Актон и Дойл - настолько необычная пара, отношения между ними так уникальны, что я каждую книгу серии заканчиваю с сожалением.  Как же мне объяснить почему меня так привлекает эта серия, да так, чтобы ничего не выдать?

Актон - современный "Холмс",  детектив главный инспектор лондонского Метрополитена, титулованный, богатый...Однако в отличие от оригинального Шерлока, персонаж он очень тёмный и дисфункциональный, чуть ли не антигерой. В начале первой книги он фиксирует свой интерес на Кэтлин Дойл - молодом констабле с необычным даром - она знает когда кто-то лжёт и её интуиция необычайно сильна.

Две книги спустя парочка счастлива в браке, однако многочисленные враги Актона не дают им насладиться  спокойной жизнью. Один из них разрабатывает хитроумный план с целью разрушить его репутацию, и Актон вынужден сплести тонкую паутину обмана,  в которую поневоле втянута и Дойл,что причиняет ей сильную эмоциональную боль.

Добавьте к этому расследование Дойл с целью поймать мстителя, совершившего череду убийств в парках Лондона, супер секретное дело на высшем уровне, которым занимается Актон, необычайно стрессовый уикэнд в поместье его матери, тревогу Уильямса и танственного ангела-хранителя Дойл, который в любом момент может обернуться её врагом... и Кэтлин находит себя на тонком льду.

Некоторые секреты видны здесь с самого начала, но о некоторых остаётся догадываться до самого конца. Хоть книга третья не настолько драматична как книга вторая, от неё всё же невоможно оторваться. Очень рекомендую!

Historical YA Fiction Audio book Review: A Mad, Wicked Folly by Sharon Biggs Waller

A Mad, Wicked Folly by Susan Biggs Waller


 Synopsis from Goodreads
Welcome to the world of the fabulously wealthy in London, 1909, where dresses and houses are overwhelmingly opulent, social class means everything, and women are taught to be nothing more than wives and mothers. Into this world comes seventeen-year-old Victoria Darling, who wants only to be an artist—a nearly impossible dream for a girl.
After Vicky poses nude for her illicit art class, she is expelled from her French finishing school. Shamed and scandalized, her parents try to marry her off to the wealthy Edmund Carrick-Humphrey. But Vicky has other things on her mind: her clandestine application to the Royal College of Art; her participation in the suffragette movement; and her growing attraction to a working-class boy who may be her muse—or may be the love of her life. As the world of debutante balls, corsets, and high society obligations closes in around her, Vicky must figure out: just how much is she willing to sacrifice to pursue her dreams?

Audible US/UK | Amazon  US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | The Book Depository


A Mad, Wicked Folly is one of those lovely inspiring books that reminds me more of classical literature than anything else.

 Vickie Darling wants to be a painter in an era when it's almost impossible or extremely difficult for a woman to become one who is professionally recognised. She is constantly undermined by her family which thinks that this is just a foolish fad, and that a proper lady needs to strive to catch a husband not do something as vulgar as have a profession. She is badly handled by an arranged fiancé, a never do well young man, who is self-centered and spoiled, and a generally an unpleasant character, and she is very unhappy about drifting through life as a woman whose only purpose is to enhance her family social standing and to become a broodmare.

So, she rebels. It starts in small ways when she subverts her mother's attempt to make her into a lilly white clean and wholesome young lady, and sneaks out to paint for the entrance exams into an art college. Then it escalates when she starts helping a group of suffragettes to fight for their rights.

We are shown Vickie's transformation from this non confrontational girl into someone with guts and fiery passion and inner strength. She is furious with her lot, she falls in love and she finds something worth fighting for.

While the ending is not very definite and open to an interpretation, I love this quiet, lovely story. It's atmospheric and historically correct, listens really quickly and very well. Beautiful, slightly naïve book, really enjoyed it. Recommended.

 * * *
Это была одна из таких милых, вдохновляющих книг, которые больше всего напоминают мне классическую литературу.

Викки Дарлинг мечтает стать художником в эпоху когда заполучить профессию женщине из высшего общества практически невозможно. Её семья постоянно принижает её талант, считая что мечта Викки зарабатывать деньги невыносимо смехотворна и вульгарна, и что каждая леди должна стремиться к тому, чтобы заполучить достойного мужа, продвинуть статус своей семьи через благотворительные дела и  нарожать кучу благо воспитанных детишек. Её жених, безалаберный, испорченный нарциссист из влиятельной и богатой семьи, вообще не понимает в чём проблема и не обращает на пожелание будущей жены никакого внимания - пока папочка контролирует его карманы он не посмеет тому противостоять, особенно с целью защитить Викки.

Ну и Виктория тайно мятежует. Сначала, обманывая мать и ускользая на улицы Лондона рисовать в целях пополнить своё портфолио для экзамена в художественный колледж. Затем, влюбляясь в простого констебля Уильяма. И наконец, помогая суффражисткам бороться за права женщин.

Красивая книга, слушается легко и быстро, несмотря на неопределённую концовку и наивный слог, с прекрасной исторической подоплёкой. Рекомендую!

The Postman Knock #117

Hello, me lovelies!
How is things?
We had our first rain and I used a gray day to do some folk art on the inside of the kitchen. So pleased, this was my most complicated design so far!


Woohoo, I finally finished NAAMAH'S BLESSING which means I plowed through the 9 books in this series in the last 3 years mostly on audio :) DARKNESS SHATTERS was good, can't wait to see what happens next... DECEPTION was awesome, one of the best books from the author! I enjoyed THE MARK OF THE TALA, it was a refreshing, easy fantasy. DEAD BEAT & PROVEN GUILTY were fantastic, and I'm truly enjoying Harry Dresden in Marsters' voice. At last, HEAT had a wicked cliffhanger, and I'm looking forward to the last book in this serial.
5 books read for TBR challenge, yay! :)


Thank you, Angry Robot!


This is it for me, peeps!
Tchau xxx

YA Fantasy Audiobook Review: Princess at Sea by Dawn Cook

Princess at Sea by Dawn Cook (Princess #2)

Audiocopy thanks to Audible US

Synopsis from Goodreads
One day Tess was the crown princess of Costenopolie, and the next she discovered she was a beggar's child, reared as a decoy to keep the real princess safe from assassins. But Tess's flair for politics, self-defense, and shopping—and her recently discovered magical powers thwarted the kingdom's enemies and restored the real princess to the throne.

Now, she dons an ambassador's robe to help Costenopolie put its best foot forward—and to keep the newly crowned queen from tripping over her own...

Assigned to chaperone Queen Contessa and her new husband on their honeymoon voyage, Tess spends more time playing referee between the temperamental pair. Before another battle royal can erupt, a storm forces the ship to drop anchor where another vessel is similarly stranded—and Tess finds her heart stranded between a roguish cardsharp and a disturbingly attractive army captain.

But Tess's potential suitors are the least of her worries. The crew of the neighboring anchored ship reveal themselves to be pirates and abduct the royal couple for ransom—unaware that Tess's magic is the real treasure in their midst...

Audible US/UK | Amazon  US/UK


* * *
I don't know what is it about this series I like so much.

Historical Fantasy Romance YA Review: The Hidden Blade by Sherry Thomas

The Hidden Blade by Sherry Thomas (The Heart of Blade Duology #1)


Synopsis from Goodreads
In the waning days of the last dynasty, in a quiet, beautiful corner of imperial Peking, a young girl's blissful ignorance is shattered when she learns that she is the illegitimate daughter of an English adventurer and a Chinese courtesan. What future is there for such a girl? But a mysterious figure steps forward and offers to instruct her in the highest forms of martial arts--a path to a life of strength and independence.

Half a world away in England, a young boy's idyllic summer on the Sussex downs implodes with the firing of a single bullet. Torn from his family, he becomes the hostage of a urbanely sadistic uncle. He dreams of escaping to find his beloved friend--but the friend is in China, ten thousand miles away.

The girl trains to be deadly. The boy flees across continents. They do not know it yet, but their lives are already inextricably bound together, and will collide one fateful night when they least expect it.

'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' meets 'Downton Abbey,' this remarkable tale of friendship, danger, and coming of age will stay with you long after you have finished the last page.


Amazon  US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | The Book Depository  


* * *

For those of you who have been a fan of Sherry Thomas's historical romances and for those of you who love her for her YA fantasy this is the best of both worlds.

Urban Fantasy Review: Darkness Shatters by Susan Illene

Darkness Shatters by Susan Illene (The Sensor #5)

Ecopy thanks to the author

Synopsis from Goodreads

Book 5 of the Sensor Series

Winter has come to Alaska and it’s about to be joined by death.

Since moving to Fairbanks, Melena Sanders has watched too many of her friends die because she couldn’t react fast enough. When a mysterious illness comes along targeting only supernatural races she’s determined to stop it. But as the death toll climbs she realizes finding a cure is more complicated than she thought. Melena might have to give in to plans to reveal the existence of supernaturals to the human world—as it may be the only way to save them.

 Amazon kindle US/UK 


* * *
What an ending, ladies and gents! Melena is in trouble... *grinning* ... and so is everybody else!

The Postman Knock #116

Oh, god! We are so busy, that I hardly have time to read so my TBR challenge is going very poorly (only 2 books). Instead I went and got more ARCs to read and painted our kitchen door with Dutch folk art. Will paint other side in  a few days. It's a great creative outlet :)


LITTLE BEACH STREET BAKERY was lovely and very very cute. A baker and a beekeeper? Yes, please! PRINCESS AT SEA was another nice fantasy listen, I do enjoy this series. 



I downloaded The Hanged Man on the assumption that it was a FULL book, instead it's a preview excerpt, which I don't even know how to review :( We'll see. How clever is Unseemly Science's cover? It's a SKULL!:) 



Yum-yum! So many lovely books :)
Anyway, back to work for me, tchau-tchau xxx

Friday Mini Reviews#38: Mary Hughes, Melanie Karsak & Susan Illene

Biting Nixie by Mary Hughes (Biting Love #2)


Synopsis from Goodreads
Nitro? Meet glycerin...

A Biting Love Novel

Punk musician Nixie Schmeling is a hundred pounds of Attitude who spells authority a-n-c-h-o-r and thinks buying insurance is just one more step toward death. So she really feels played when she's "volunteered" to run the town's first annual fundraising festival. Especially when she finds out it's to pay for a heavy-hitting, suit-wearing lawyer--who's six-feet-plus of black-haired, blue-eyed sex on a stick.

Attorney Julian Emerson learned centuries ago that the only way to contain his dangerous nature is to stay buttoned up. He's come from Boston to defend the town from a shady group of suits...and an even shadier gang of vampires. But his biggest problem is Nixie, who shreds his self-control.

Nixie doesn't get why the faphead shyster doesn't understand her. Julian wishes Nixie would speak a known language...like Sanskrit. Even if they manage to foil the bloodthirsty gang, what future is there for a tiny punk rocker and a blue-blooded skyscraper?

And that's before Nixie finds out Julian's a vampire...

Amazon  US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | The Book Depository

Uproariously funny, heavy on slapstick humour, Biting Nixie is bound to get you out of your funk when you desperately need it. The plot is not overly clever or even twisted, it's the execution of the story which you'll shell your money for. I was giggling all the way through it was just THAT silly! Read it.
* * *
Это не книги, а сплошная комедия, дамы и господа! Сюжет безумно прост, но это его исполнение, за  которое мы выкладываем наши денежки.Это гениальный, нахальный стёб, который поднимет вам настроение когда кажется что от паранормального романа вы уже подустали. В общем, рекомендую!

Chasing Christmas Past: An Airship Racing Chronicles Short Story by Melanie Karsak 

Ecopy thanks to the author

Synopsis from Goodreads

Christmas Eve 1820.

At Rose’s Hopper, a popular London tavern frequented by airship jockeys, all is merry and bright—except Lily Stargazer. Lily and her crew are set to run the Christmas Day Yuletide Race from London to Calais, but not before spending the night swimming in mulled wine and longing for absent lovers.

Even the prospect of a Yuletide win can't convince Lily that this Christmas will be better than any that came before. But Lily’s about to find out there really is a Father Christmas.

Amazon kindle US/UK
 A sweet, melancholy story, a very quick read. Lily is in a depressive mood, remembering her childhood, then she wins the race and gets a very nice surprise with the help of her crew and my favorite dark and brooding poet. *wink-wink* It's atmospheric and unexpectedly festive, I enjoyed it.
* * *
Милая, грустная история, - эта повесть читается очень быстро. Лили в депресивном состоянии проводит Сочельник, вспоминая своё детство, потом она выигрывает воздушные гонки и её команда вместе со знакомым нам поэтом преподносит ей неожиданный сюрприз на Рождество. Празднично, мне понравилось.

Facing The Darkness by Susan Illene (The Sensor #4.5)

Ecopy thanks to the author

Synopsis from Goodreads

Kerbasi, a former guardian of Purgatory, has resisted every effort to help him find his humanity. After forty-five hundred years of tending to his prisoners in the cruelest of ways he feels he's above the petty concerns of mankind. But what's he to do when he's charged with bringing comfort to a boy sick with cancer during the holiday season? This is one child who just might break through that impervious wall he's wrapped around his heart. 

 Amazon kindle US/UK 

Yes, as usual I only read one story out of the whole anthology and I really, really enjoyed it! It's a sad Christmas story, and Kerbasi here is shown in such a light that the reader can't help but secretly find him adorable. Aww, this was sweet, totally  recommend it!
* * *
 Как обычно, я прочла всего лишь одну историю из сборника повестей потому как ну очень я люблю Кербаси! Это грустная Рождественская история, которая выставляет Кербаси вообще-то милым и чувствительным ангелом несмотря на его ворчливую натуру. Читайте!

Paranormal Fantasy Early Review: The Secret by Elizabeth Hunter

The Secret by Elizabeth Hunter (Irin Chronicles #3)

Ecopy thanks to the author

Synopsis from Goodreads
Only when the darkness falls can you see the light of the stars.

For thousands of years, the scribes and singers of the Irin race have existed to protect humanity and guard the gifts of the Forgiven. They have lived in the shadows. They have kept their secrets.

But the Irin aren’t the only race with secrets.

Ava and Malachi have found each other, but wounds as deep as theirs don’t heal overnight. While the Irin world struggles to correct the power imbalance left by the Rending of the Irina, Malachi and Ava struggle to connect their past with their present.

The Fallen may scheme, but Ava has found her power and refuses to be an angel’s pawn. And while Malachi may have forgotten his history, the scribe’s relentless search for answers leads both him and his mate to the heart of the Irin power structure in Vienna, where knowledge is guarded more closely than gold and those with power will do anything to keep it.

Malachi and Ava have survived the darkness, but will they ever discover its secrets? A powerful cabal of the Fallen may hold the answers, but to surrender them, it wants the Irin race to finally face their enemies. Both those coming from the outside, and those raging within.

THE SECRET is the third book in the contemporary fantasy series, the Irin Chronicles, and the conclusion of Ava and Malachi’s journey.

Release date:March 19th 2015.
Amazon US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | The Book Depository


* * *
What a lovely ending to this series! Irin Chronicles always had a captivating, vivid world-building as a background to the unique story of scribes, angels & Grigori. As a plus it's set in Europe not in North America or UK, and the reader can enjoy hopping on a train and travelling from Istanbul to Italy to Vienna and many other locations without feeling like he is crossing big cultural and territorial borders. Europe is compact, cozy and utterly charming, and the author passes that charm onto us amazingly well.

YA Paranormal Romance Review: Kissing Midnight by Laura Bradley Rede

Kissing Midnight by Laura Bradley Rede 


Synopsis from Goodreads
Deveraux Renard is the perfect boyfriend: perfectly handsome, perfectly charming… perfectly deadly. He has to be. Dev is immortal, but with a catch: Every year he has to make a new girl fall in love with him and kiss her at midnight on New Year’s Eve. That kiss renews his life for another year – and ends hers forever.

This year, Mariana “Saintly” Santos is the lucky girl. Of course she doesn’t know it. Saintly thinks New Year’s Eve is a chance to move beyond the tragedy of her brother’s death and focus on her first year of college. She doesn’t suspect her boyfriend’s secret – and he doesn’t suspect hers: Ever since her brother died, Saintly can see ghosts.

And one ghost in particular is dying to be seen. Twenty years ago, Jesse Hayden jumped off the campus clock tower because she was convinced that she’d never find true love. Now that she has met Saintly, she’s sure that she was wrong. She’s determined to save the only girl in the world who can see her, but can she get Saintly to trust her in time?

Trust the ghost girl and live.

Trust the immortal boy and die.

Saintly has until midnight to make her choice, and the clock is ticking. 

Amazon  US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | The Book Depository  


* * *
Elizabeth Hunter recommended Laura Bradley Rede on her Facebook, and as a rule what she recommends I enjoy reading. Kissing Midnight was no exception.

Th plot is deceptively simple but the characters are unexpectedly not one dimensional, and their decisions kept surprising me right until the end. I read this book in December, and in many ways it was a true Christmas story.

The Postman Knock #115

Hey, it's me again! :)
How are you this week, peeps?

My TBR challenge results are appauling! 3 books.Yeah... I hope to do better next week, we've been just sooo busy!


ATTRACTION was as nerdy and lovely as I thought it would be. Can't wait for the next one! Sweet and funny, A PASSIONATE LOVE AFFAIR WITH A TOTAL STRANGER is my second book by Miss Robinson, and she is quickly becoming one of my to go for comfort read authors. DEATH MASKS was very good, and BLOOD RITES even better. I am really digging this Dresden business now!


I am looking forward to this!


Another Dawn Cook's book I think I'll enjoy ;)



And this is it for me, folks.
Have a lovely week!

Also, happy International Women's Day!

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