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My Guilty Pleasure #1 (new feature)

I'm introducing a new topic and hope you'll enjoy it.:) This is something I plan to do no more than once per month.

My Guilty Pleasure (MGP) is about something that you do when you get tired of reading books in the same genre and try something different. It's your little safety cushion, your favorite read, movie or a silly comforting ritual.
* * *
Как и обещала я представляю на ваш суд новую тему - My Guilty Pleasure. Тема эта о том, что происходит когда вы устаёте читать один и тот же жанр и хотите чего-то давно знакомого и уютного. Это может быть любимая старая книга, фильм и даже какой-нибудь дурацкий ритуал. Главное, чтобы MGP приносило комфорт.

* * *
From time to time when I hit a dry patch with paranormal genre I read a historical romance. If it has paranormal details it's even better like icing on the cake (not that I like icing, I would rather have more cream, but I digress).
Couple of books I'm reading now are just very uninspiring, so I've switched to this lovely historical.
* * *
Время от времени  мне попадаются неудачные книги одна за другой, и я понимаю, что мне нужен перекур, так как я выдохлась. Сейчас я как раз читаю две совершенно никакие книжки, и вчера я наконец на всё плюнула и решила почитать вот этот хороший исторический роман для отдыха.
 * * *
I admit that I'm very picky about my historicals. Most of them are just too cliche, and I demand an actual plot *gasp* and character depth. However, over the years I've collected a few authors whose writing is superb and I happily read everything that comes out under their pen.

My guilty pleasure is reading historicals about spies and people with unusual professions. :)
This one was about an accoucher (man-midwife) in Victorian era, which I found fascinating.
* * *
Так как я читаю романы с 13 лет, то очень к ним придирчива. Мне мало что нравится, так как увы и ах, мне нужен хороший сюжет и развитие героев, а не набор абсолютно ужасных клише. За годы я набрала несколько авторов, стиль которых безупречен,  и я без боязни читаю всё, что выходит из под их пера.
Моё тайное удовольствие это чтение исторических романов о шпионах и людей необычных профессий.
Вот эта книга была про мужчину акушера в Викторианскую эпоху, что я нашла чрезвычайно интересной темой.
* * *
A recent book by Eloisa James also featured a very grumpy and sourly doctor Piers, whom I absolutely loved! Eloisa's characters and their banter always brightens up my day.
Piers didn’t bother answering that. His leg hurt as if someone had stuck a hot poker into his thigh. “I need a drink, so why don’t you rush ahead like a good butler and meet me at the door of the library with a strong brandy?”
“I’ll keep walking next to you in case you keel over,” Prufrock said.
“I suppose you have visions of breaking my fall,” Piers said, giving his scrawny butler a sidelong glance.
“Actually, no. But I would call for a footman, who could drag you along the corridor. It’s marble, so you might get a concussion, and that might make you a bit kinder to your patients, not to mention your staff.
* * *
Недавно вышедшая книга Элоизы Джеймс также описывает главного героя как гениального врача Пирса с чрезвычайно дурным характером. Все герои Элоизы просто блистательно, а их остроумными диалогами можно просто зачитаться!
Цитату см.выше.
* * *
One of the most powerful historicals I've ever read, full of amazing research into  the 18th century British Empire and its colonies is Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series about a woman surgeon who travelled back in time.

These books are not for everyone, but I'm a sucker for history especially if it involves someone from our time being thrown in the past and forced to adapt.
* * *
Одна из самых замечательных исторических саг, которую я когда-либо читала это Странница Дианы Гэбальдон. Великолепное тщательное исследование жизни Британской Империи и ей колоний в 18 веке! Главная героиня Клэр - хирург, которая случайно путешествует во времени из настоящего и попадает в эту эпоху.
Эти книги не понравятся всем, но я жутко люблю историю, и по мне, чем больше деталей, тем лучше.

Надеюсь, что вы не слишком скучали, мои дорогие ! Ну как вам новая тема? Захотите ли вы её читать и в ней участвовать? В чём ваше Тайное Удовольствие?
* * *
Hope, I didn't bore you to death! So, do you like the new topic, peeps? Would you read more? At last, what is your Guilty Pleasure?


Birgit said...

You didn't bore me to death ;-) I like to dip into different genres from time to time myself. I guess you can compare it to eating bread all day. You might love that bread, but some days you'd rather eat a piece of toast.
A close friend of mine also loves historicals and keeps on urging me to try them out too. She reads Diana Gabaldon too and her fav books are "The Physician" by Noah Gordon and "The Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett among others.

My own guilty pleasure?
Hmmm ... this isn't about a book, but a movie that I love. I have already watched it a gazillion times and don't grow tired of it. It makes me happy when I'm sad or bored or even happier in case I already am happy :-D ! The movie is "Pillow Talk" with Doris Day and Rock Hudson.

BTW I like the new feature!!

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Thank you,Birgit! I've watched the trailer for Pillow Talk and it looks wonderful, and Doris Day has such an amazing voice.. I have to watch it now!:)
As for reading HR, like with any other genre it's hit and miss. More miss than hit usually, but I've got some real gems I can recommend if you ever decide to try.

Birgit said...

I just know you're going to love this movie!! Then again I'm a huge Doris Day fan, so what else could I say *lol*.
As to book recommendations ... have you got a clue just how LONG my wishlist already is? ;-) But seriously, "My Favorite Countess" sounds intriguing - I never heard of a male-midwife before!

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