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Fool Moon by Jim Butcher review

Fool Moon by Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files #2)

Synopsis from Goodreads
Business has been slow. Okay, business has been dead. And not even of the undead variety. You would think Chicago would have a little more action for the only professional wizard in the phone book. But lately, Harry Dresden hasn't been able to dredge up any kind of work—magical or mundane.
But just when it looks like he can't afford his next meal, a murder comes along that requires his particular brand of supernatural expertise.
A brutally mutilated corpse. Strange-looking paw prints. A full moon. Take three guesses—and the first two don't count...

* * *
I've no idea why I resisted Harry Dresden for so long. I blame it on temporary insanity, because Jim Butcher's writing is fantastic.
I'm on the second book and it just gets better.

This time Harry has to investigate some gruesome murders done by werewolves, try to avoid enraging his friend, a police detective Karrin Murphy and stay under a radar of FBI and local mafia boss. In most of this he fails miserably. Now FBI and police are gunning for him, Chicago gang leader wants him dead and some supernatural forces want his help... All in all, a normal day for Harry.

I loved how we've got to see different types of werewolves in this book. There are werewolves, lycantropes, hexenwolves and loup-garou. The action is almost non-stop, and poor Harry is just trying to survive and help his friends.

Harry Dresden is a very likable character. He feels alive, he is vulnerable, he suffers for his friends and loved ones, he isn't afraid to cry or describe the tenderness he feels to the woman he loves. He might be socially awkward, but he's got plenty of charm and quiet determination.

If you haven't read anything in these series I urge you to try. They are very good.

Favorite scene: loup-garou in the police department. It was terrifying.


"A little kung fu, a little John Wayne, and a few casual threats. So far, I thought, my nerves jangling, just one more night on the job."
"The loup-garou was a wolf, in the same way that a velociraptor is a bird - same basic design, vastly different outcome."
 * * *

Ух, очень понравилось! Либо книга лучше первой, либо вхожу во вкус :)

В этот раз Гарри расследует резню, которую, как он подозревает, устроил вервольф. В процессе ему, как обычно, достаётся по самое не могу, его обвиняют в преступлениях, за ним гоняются и полиция и ФБР, а его подруга, детектив Мёрфи, подозревает его во всех смертных грехах.

Очень заинтересовало то, как Бутчер разграничил разные виды обороней и представил в этой книге по крайней мере четыре из них: вервольфов, хексенвольфов, ликантропов и луп-гару. Кто есть кто, разберётесь при прочтении.

Очень аккуратно и интересно написано. Гарри - живой характер, испытания не превращают его в камень, как это обычно случается с персонажами городского фэнтэзи. Он очень переживает за своих друзей, не боится всплакнуть и показаться слабым. В то же время он не гнётся даже, если это грозит ему смертью, чтобы не поступиться тем, вот что верит.
Качественный нон-стоп экшн.

Любимая сцена: луп-гару в полицейском участке.

Цитаты (см.выше)


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