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I really want to read this and watch that!

Just a couple of books that I'm really interested in reading! Both from the authors I haven't read before....
* * *
Пара книжек, которые мне очень хочется прочитать. Авторы для меня новые.

Synopsis from Goodreads
Vampire Stephen Austra, a talented artist renowned for his wondrous restorations of stained glass, is one of a new breed of modern vampires. He doesn't need to hunt, respects human life, and would never hurt a soul. But a series of appalling murders makes his lover, Helen, question her faith in him.

This is an oldie first published in 1989. In my experience War for The Oaks published in 1987 was brilliant, so I hope this one will be great as well. I love the art deco cover and Gothic feel to it.
* * *
Это старая книга, выпущенная впервые в 1989 году. War for the Oaks тоже была написана в 80-е годы, и читалась великолепно. Безумно нравится арт-дековская готичная обложка.

Synopsis from Amazon
 Ever since a terrible fire killed her older son, one ambition has ruled Countess Lazlaric. Desperate to continue the family legacy, she is determined that her rakehell second son wed and produce an heir. Now, she’s found the perfect bride. A distant relative, writing to beg for help, is ideal for her secret plans.Alone in the world, beautiful raven-haired Senna Landseth finds more than just Drom Manor’s isolation sending a shiver down her spine. Countess Lazlaric seems overly eager to welcome her, strange noises fill the cavernous corridors of the gloomy manor, and she senses she is being spied upon. Then a note mysteriously appears, inscribed with chilling words: “I’m watching you. Nicolai.”In the years since the fire that supposedly destroyed him, Nicolai Lazlaric has inhabited the world of a vampire, consumed with seeking revenge on the creature who turned him. Now, it is time to return to Drom Manor. But Nicolai has no idea how badly the Countess wants an heir—or that his hated brother’s prospective bride is residing there. Senna’s unexpected presence upends Nicolai’s plans, for he can think only of possessing the beautiful innocent, of taking her in a blood-binding seduction from which she will never escape. . . .

I've read an excerpt from Thea Devine website and it had a feel of early Carpathian books by Christine Feehan, which were my first paranormal romances and a touch of Bram Stoker's Dracula. The book comes out on 21/06/11 and I will give it a try. Also the cover is luscious.
* * *
Я прочитала небольшой отрывок на вебсайте писательницы, и он создаёт впечатление ранних Карпатцев Фихан, с которых я начала мои паранормальные романы и Дракулы Брэма Стокера. Обложка к тому же шикарная! Будем читать.

Gratuitous video :) I can't believe I've never watched this movie! Looks wonderful!


Unknown said...

Shattered glass looks really interesting - not one I've heard of (but if it came out in 1989 then that's not surprising as that was the year I turned 2!)

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

And I was 8 ;) I will give it a try. It would be interesting to read an old-fashioned paranormal, to be able to see how the whole trend had actually started.

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