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The Top Ten Places to Find Vampires in the Elemental Mysteries World (Guest post by Elizabeth Hunter + Giveaway)

10. Remote Corners

Earth vampires are both the most numerous in the Elemental Mysteries and the most wary of the modern world. Since they draw their strength from the earth, they're most often found in remote places still untouched by modern technology. The Cochamo Valley in Chile, the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland, and the Northern Caucusus region are only a few places you might look. But only if you're very adventurous.

9. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Though this might sound like an unusual place to find vampires, the second largest city in Bulgaria is one of the oldest in Europe, with history that traces back over 6000 years. An important crossroads between East and West, it also has its share of immortal residents... and more than a few secrets.

8. Athens

The crumbling vampire court of Athens may wear an ancient reputation but holds very little influence in current immortal affairs. Still, its history and prestige (along with a bustling Greek nightlife) draw a higher than average vampire population. Water vampires, in particular, enjoy vacationing in this territory.

7. London

London is more than just the capitol of Great Britain. In the Elemental Mysteries world, it's a center for business, and more importantly, information. Run by the strategic partnership of vampires Terrance Ramsey and Gemma Melcombe, it has a growing role in the Elemental Mysteries world. And though Terry and Gemma are engaged to be married, will their union ever become more than a pragmatic partnership for both? In London, power and information hang in delicate balance. A single upset could bring a city crashing down.

6. New Orleans

There's a reason Giovanni Vecchio settled in Houston, Texas. Anne Rice had it right, vampires really do flock to the history, nightlife, and very hazy memories of the Crescent City. If you want to find immortals, particularly wind vampires who like to be on the move, spend a little time in New Orleans and see who blows through town. If you're trying to escape attention... well, Houston might be your scene.

5. Los Angeles

Don't let the sunshine fool you! Los Angeles, California is teeming with blood-suckers. And more than its share of vampires, too. LA is the home base of Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo. It's also the seat of one of the most powerful water immortals in the Americas, Don Ernesto Alvarez, Beatrice's great-great... well, more than a few 'greats' grandfather, who has more than a passing interest in his very promising young relative.

4. Dublin

Dublin may seem like another unlikely place to find many vampires, but this historic town balances on the edge of history and modernity, which suits its leader, Patrick Murphy, to the toes. A powerful and ambitious water vampire, Murphy also plays host to many younger immortals and those under their aegis who flock to the lively nightlife and historic universities of the Irish capitol. But this city also boasts one of the darkest underbellies in Europe by immortal standards. And it may just be growing darker...

3. Mount Penglai

The historic and mysterious seat of the Eight Immortals, Penglai Island is one of the last pure strong-holds of immortal empire. Its location is only known to a few, and only those who are invited live to see its glittering palaces and lush gardens. Vampires rule openly over the humans that tend them. Another balancing act, Penglai is home to eight of the most powerful vampires in existence, two of each element. Though it is isolated, never underestimate how wide Penglai's influence still stretches.

2. New York

The city that never sleeps is the natural home for vampires, despite all the modern technology. It is easily avoided if you have the funds, and make no mistake, those immortals who last hundreds—or even thousands—of years have plenty of time to invest. Bars, restaurants, theaters, arenas. NY has more than enough amusement to surprise even those who claim to have seen it all. And since it is the birthplace of Giovanni Vecchio's adopted nephew, Ben, it may have a big role in the future of the Elemental Mysteries world.

1. Rome

The Eternal City may as well be called The Immortal City. Rome is teeming with vampires, much to the consternation (and full knowledge) of the Vatican. A center of power, wealth, technology, and learning for thousands of years (we're glossing over those embarrassing sacks by the barbarians) Rome is ruled with elegance and a silk-gloved hand by the ancient Roman noblewoman, Livia. Water, Earth, and Wind vampires whisper petty intrigues and plot to bring down their enemies.

And who will bring the spark that lights this powder keg?

Since Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo were just invited to visit... well, things will definitely get interesting. Make sure to read A Fall of Water: Elemental Mysteries Book Four (check out my review here!)to find out what adventures our favorite characters find themselves in at the heart of the Old World.

Elizabeth Hunter

Author of the Elemental Mysteries

This post is a part of Elizabeth's blog tour for A Fall of Water - last book in Elemental Mysteries Series which just came out. Please check other participating blogs for more goodies!
Now, Elizabeth generously agreed to provide 1 paperback copy of A Fall of Water or 4 ebooks - the entire set of Elemental Mysteries series (winner's choice) to ONE winner.
Giveaway is open WORLDWIDE and ends 15th June 2012.
Good luck!

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Christina Fiorelli said...

Christina K. in the rafflecopter

Definitely Rome! It's so beautiful:)

Andra said...

I would definitely live in New York, simply because I would never get bored in my immortal life in that city. :D

Anubha said...

MOUNT PENGLAI because i find it as an interesting place... :)

Mel said...

I would have to go for Rome - it's a beautiful city and the irony of being a vampire in the city where the catholic church makes it's home! :-)

Mary Preston said...

ROME would be brilliant!! Just imagine the catacombs you could delve into.

sienny said...

rome, cause i like italian food :))

Shanna said...

New Orleans. I love that city!

Shanna said...

New Orleans. I love that city!

Janae's Book Obsession said...

That's tough. Athens probably. Beautiful scenery

AEKZ2 said...

New York!

Leannessf said...

I would love to stay at all these places, but if had to pick just one, then Rome!


Phoenix Carvelli said...

I would have a home in each city but my main home would be in New Orleans! Being immortal has its perks! ;-)

Blodeuedd said...

I have to go with Wicklow cos I always wanted to go to Ireland :D

Petra said...

Amazing giveaway, thank you! :)

I'd choose London, or Wicklow Mountains, as I love British and Irish countryside! :)

Stephanie said...

Mount Penglia!! That place looks so cool, but really creepy and eerie.

Ryan Snyder said...

dublin. hot irish men! ;)

wulf said...

I'd want to live in London. I love the UK.

Unknown said...

I think i'd go for either the Wicklow Mountains or Athens. I've always wanted to go to Greece and, if I were a vampire, I could make my living by hording valuable historical artifacts over the years and auctioning off my collection

Read to Death said...

I already live in Greece,Athens......so definitely GREECE for me!!!!

Disincentive said...

London... Of course <3

Unknown said...

Well, I already live in New York but would rather live in remote places. I'm not much of a people person. lol

andrea b said...

London! :)
(I love London)

BlackWolf said...

Mount Penglai

Reading Mind / The Loyal Book said...

I already live near Rome and I'll trade it for LA any minute!

Lili said...

Rome! Ever since I visited, I've been dying to go back!

srivalli said...

London! I love London,

Ruby Jo said...

New Orleans. I think it would be possible to say "Hey, I'm a vampire" and not end up in a psychiatric ward :D

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