The Reds are back in force!

Admit it, folks, you missed the reds! *wink*
So here is another addition to the collection of redheads on this blog...

What's your BEST and WORST pick of the lot?
I just love that mane of red hair. So cheeky! With the rest of the colours it's just perfect!

It looks like she put the dye into her hair and forgot to wash it off... Sorry, no.


  1. "Am I Ginger?" hahaha! I love the redheads!

  2. OOh you took the french book, nice! I like this post always so fun to see all the covers.

  3. I always wanted red hair :)

  4. Ooh I'm torn between Divinly Ruined and Fangirl.. both amazing in different ways. Hurray for redheads!

  5. What a fun collection of books!! I love the category & yea... it looks like The Reds are back in Force!

  6. Wicked awesome post! I need to get quite a few of these! THank you so much for stopping by my blog! Have a great bookish week!

  7. What a fun post! I love looking at the covers and I see some I want to read.

  8. Kimba, who doesn't? I've been a readhead plenty of times :)))

    Melliane, I believe it's a book from your post ;)

    Blodeuedd, what stops you, girl? LOL

    Hannah, can you believe that this gorgeous cover of Divinely uined since then has been replaced by something very bland?! What a shame.

    Laura, you should check the rest of the collection! ;)

    Bea, check The Circle, that book sounds really good!

    Moonlight Gleam, back at you! Have a nice week!

  9. What a fun post, I didn't realize there was so much redhead love on book covers! I really like the cover of Linked.I'm going to feature that one on an upcoming cover reveal post:)

  10. I'm glad, Heather! Linked does sound and look really good. I collect redheads on book covers - I jst love looking at them :) You should check the previous posts in this feature as well ;)


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