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This Same Earth by Elizabeth Hunter EARLY REVIEW

This Same Earth by Elizabeth Hunter (Elemental Mysteries Book #2)

review request from the author

Synopsis from Goodreads
Beatrice De Novo thought she had left the supernatural world behind…for the most part. But when the past becomes the present, will she leave her quiet life in Los Angeles to follow a mystery she thought had abandoned her? Where has Giovanni Vecchio been, and why has he returned? Giovanni has his own questions, and he’s looking to her for answers.

The sequel to A Hidden Fire will reunite Beatrice and Giovanni to continue their search through the past while both wrestle with the future. When the world as you knew it has changed forever, is there any way you can turn back?

This Same Earth is the second book in the Elemental Mysteries series. It is a paranormal romance/mystery for adult readers.

Release date: 7/12/2011

Elizabeth Hunter's website

* * *
Elemental Mysteries turned into one of the best paranormal series I've read this year. It's sharp, elegant, clever, evenly paced without dragging its feet and at the same time emotionally intense.

I'm extremely grateful that book #2 was just as strong as book #1. Expect the unexpected. This book is a free fall with a twist. You really don't know where you're going to land in the end... *grinning* I certainly didn't, and now I can't wait for book #3 to continue reading about Gio and Beatrice's adventures.

There are just so many things I like! The way Gio comes back into Beatrice's life, how she is introduced to his world, the intrigues and carefully woven dialogues. How strong a woman she becomes in the years he's been away...

Again I have to stress out that it's a pleasure to see old school vampire for a change - very intellegent, very sharp and showing his age, instead of a man with modern sensibilities.

With lightning speed, he came to kneel between her knees. He could hear her sharp
inhalation and the sudden rush of her pulse. Looking up, he met her dark eyes.
“You think I’m arrogant?”
“I know you are,” she said breathlessly.
“Then what would you have me do, tesoro?”
She blinked and he saw her gaze drop to his mouth. “Wh—what?”
“Should I forget five hundred years of experience killing my enemies and protecting those
who belong to me so that your modern sensibilities are not harmed?”
She was still looking at his mouth, and he forced himself not to smirk.
“Would you have me confer with you before every move as if I was a mere boy looking for
“No, I mean—”
“You called all the shots in your relationship with that human, didn’t you?”
He knew he had made a mistake bringing up Mano as soon as she twisted her mouth into a
“Yeah, I did. And he knew just how to make me happy.”
He darted back to his side of the plane and draped his arm over the back of the couch. “Did
he? Did he really?”
She paled and looked away from him, staring at the dark window over his shoulder and the
stars that winked out.
“Fine,” he conceded. “I shall do my utmost to consult with you on future matters of strategy
and defense when it pertains to you.”
“But I reserve the right to overrule you based on my experience and superior knowledge of
the immortal world.”

Excellent, believable characters, fascinating world full of mystery and a great story line.

Very highly recommended.

Book #1 
A Hidden Fire

* * *
Книга также ошеломительно прекрасна как и первая. Серьёзно, мальчишки и девчонки, а также их родители, эту книгу НАДО ЧИТАТЬ! 

Превосходные главные герои, восхитительный тинственный и хитро-выстроенный мир, нежиданные повороты сюжета. Одно удовольствие.

Мне так многое хочется сказать, но я совершенно не хочу портить сюжет :) Мне нравится как за несколько лет разлуки Беатрис превращается в сильную и ещё более интересную героиню, как Джио снова за ней ухаживает, искрящийся юмор и тонкие диалоги, записи в дневниках, письма и головоломки... Третья книга выходит в марте 2012 года, и я её очень жду.

Рекомендую очень-очень!



Melliane said...

oooh I didn't know about this series, but it sounds so intriguing now. I will add it to my huge wishlist. thank you for the discovery

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Melliane, do give this series a try! They're really really worth it :)

Mandy IReadIndie said...

isn't this the best series? I loved Gio more in book 2, sooo much more!

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Me too! Mind you the whisky tasting in that pub in the first book was uber hot :)

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