Urban Fantasy Review: Shapeshifted by Cassie Alexander

Shapeshifted by Cassie Alexander (Edie Spence #3)

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Synopsis from Goodreads
Nurse Edie Spence is once again called upon to save a life…and this time, it’s personal. Can her new community of zombies, vampires, and shapeshifters come to her rescue when she needs them most?

When Edie was fired from her paranormal nursing job at County Hospital, her whole world came crashing down. Now she’s is once again shaken to her core. Her mother is deathly ill and there’s only one thing that will save her: vampire blood. But with the paranormal community shunning Edie, where can she obtain it…without losing her own life in the process?


Edie hopes to procure it at her new job at the clinic across town, where the forces of evil loom large. Vampire gang wars are rampant. Old underground enemies are rising to the surface. And Edie’s zombie ex-boyfriend has arrived at the scene—but is he the same man he used to be? And what should she make of the enigmatic doctor with whom she shares an unexpected connection? She’ll have to figure it out soon, because all hell is about to break loose—literally—and time is running out…

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I truly think that Cassie Alexander grows significantly as an author with each book. Shapeshifted was an excellent read, full of twists, original ideas and a fresh outlook on some of the paranormal creepy-crawlies we think we know very well.

Thrown into a very normal life, shunned by all supernatural, Edie is bored and depressed working as a nurse in a sleep clinic. She feels like she lost direction and drive, and when she finds out that her mother has got cancer and only have few months left to live, she is determined to make a deal with the Shadows again to save her.

At the same time she starts working at a clinic in a very rough, forgotten area of town, ruled by Latino-American gangs and as usual ends up in a thick of a territorial battle with plenty of black sorcery.

Shapeshifted is very fast-paced, emotional and full of character. Edie herself acquires a wonderful sidekick, Olympio, a young boy who works for his grandfather - healer, a curandero. He helps her negotiate the dangerous places she ends up with. We also meet a few familiar faces (who? I can't say! to avoid spoilers) who you might say have an unfinished business with Edie.

This is an excellent urban fantasy series, heartfelt, driven and refreshing if you are tired of tough, kickass heroines who can do it all, and want to read about someone a little bit more human... Recommended.


* * *
Очень хорошее, добротное городское фэнтези. Видно, что Касси Александр растёт с каждой книгой. 

Сюжет движется быстро, обстановка накаляется постепенно, и автор не стремится проставить все галочки, присущие жанру, а ищет новые и интересные пути.

Эди - её героиня, совершенно обычная медсестра. У неё нет паранормальных талантов, она никакая не Избранная. Она просто упрямая работяга с большим сердцем, и когда паранормальный анклав её города изгоняет её из своих пределов, и Эди приходится найти обычную работу в клинике сна, она депрессует и погружается в апатию.

Только новости о том, что её мама больна раком, и ей осталось жить всего лишь несколько месяцев, заставляют Эди проснуться и найти способ сохранить её матери жизнь.

В то же время, героиня устраивается на работу в клинику в одном из беднейших, позабытых полицией и муниципальными властями районе, полном латиноамериканских банд. Ей видите ли не хватает адреналина!

Однако и здесь Эди оказывается в гуще событий, вовлечённая в схватку между гангстерами, чёрное волшебство и культ Санта Муэртэ. Она также заполучает прекраснейшего юного помощника Олимпио и неожиданно встречает старых знакомых, о которых я говорить не буду, чтобы не заспойлерить...

В общем, интересно, задорно и читается с огромным удовольствием. Рекомендую.


  1. Hm... *thinks*
    Hm....put it on my wishlist?

  2. Another series I need to catch up with! Book 1 is on my my list already. :-)

  3. YAY! I loved loved this one as well, it was so fun. Can't wait for the next one!

  4. Fun series, great review of this book. I can't wait to read it!

  5. wow, the more I read about this series, the more I question why the heck I am not reading it! Love your review and so glad this rocked for you!

  6. Fast paced, emotional sounds great to me. i haven't heard of this one, but I am intrigued


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