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Street Fighting Fiction Review: Devil's Honor by S.W. Vaughn

Devil's Honor by S.W. Vaughn (House Phoenix #2)

review copy from the author

Synopsis from Goodreads

Honor is life . . . and death.

Shiro Kuroda is a man torn between two worlds – born and raised in traditional Japan, he’s now a fighter and assassin embroiled in New York’s underground street fighting scene. After he accidentally kills an opponent in the ring, breaking the one rule of the organization, his employer’s retribution is swift: he must assassinate a deadly rival to the Harada clan, or take his own life in shame if he fails.

However, the people he has trusted over the years are not who they seem to be. A secret from Shiro’s past assures that no matter what the outcome of his mission, he will lose – whether he must commit ritual suicide, or watch those closest to him die.

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* * *
I think, Shiro  wasn't the best character for me to enjoy. I do love Gabriel aka Angel and Jenner, but Shiro was a pure contradiction in himself.

First of all, he is this stoic Japanese character determined to serve his master with honor. On the other hand he suddenly develops these inexplicable bouts of rage where he kills one fighter because he calls him a derogatory name, and nearly beats to death a homeless person for repeating the same offence. WTF? is all I can say.

The other confusing part of Shiro, was his split personality between lily white Shiro and demonic Akuma, which wasn't explained well at all. The character development wasn't helped by giving almost equal parts in the plot to larger than life Angel and a very scary and mysterious Jenner, so Shiro had to fight not to fade into the background with these two.

Otherwise the plot is straightforward and continues the story started in the book #1 really well. Devil's Honor is not the best instalment of the lot, but it still makes me want to continue with this unique series.

By the way, the book is shelved as MM Romance which is totally not what this is all about.

* * *
Не очень удачная вторая часть серии Дом Феникса, благодаря главному персонажу - Широ Курада.

Широ выписан как очень противоречащий сам себе характер с необъяснимым раздвоением личности на Широ и Акуму. Вроде бы мы видим типичного японца - стойкого, невозмутимого, готового на всё ради чести и службы господину. Однако совершенно внезапно Широ охватывает ярость и он одним ударом убивает бойца, находящегося с ним на ринге, что приводит к его бесчестью и заданию найти и убить Шонена, ассассина, сбежавшего из организации несколько лет назад. Если Широ провалит задание, ему приказано совершить сеппуку - мучительный путь самоубийства в японской культуре.

В то же время книга уделяет равное внимание Ангелу, другу Широ, о котором написана первая книга серии, и Дженнеру - его летейнанту. Оба характера очень сильные и совершенно затмевают тихоню Широ.

Сюжет сам по себе прямолинейный и достаточно простой, так что я бы посчитала Дьявольскую Честь книгой между книгами, так как она продолжает Сломленного Ангела безпрерывно, вместо того, чтобы отделять её как историю Широ, так как о нём здесь написано было совершенно недостаточно.

Читать можно.


Blodeuedd said...

Ok a bit of wtf Shiro? That would not be for me

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

I thought I recognized the authors name. This is book two. But...I'm thinking maybe not for me. :) Thank you!

Unknown said...

you are very kind to share this post through the article, thank you very much! regards ramalan

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