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The Postman Knock #31

Hello, everyone!
We are having couple of days of glorious sunshine, which we're using for barbeques... and it's sooo lovely....
How is the weather where you are?
I also had a very busy reading week.

A SHADE OF VAMPIRE I pretty much skimmed through. It's full of cliches and silly inconsistencies in its world-building, and frankly I think it's just a very poorly written imitation of The Isle of Night by Veronica Wolff, so I won't even consider reviewing it. It's simply bad. I also didn't like THE RED PLAGUE AFFAIR  as much as I did the first book, but it's nothing to do with the quality of the book, and everything to do with my inability to like Emma, the main character. She is very harsh, and sometimes it gets to be too much. DREAMWIELDER had a lovely concept for a great fantasy book and didn't shy away from describing violence towards its main characters. Overall, I really liked it. VAMPIRE MIAMI was so good, it made me think of a gutsier version of The Immortal Rules and I immediately went and bought book #2, VAMPIRE L.A. I really recommend it, peeps! DEVIL'S HONOUR was a very decent read, and I'll definitely continue with this series about underground fighters in New York. TRAPPED I enjoyed very much, because it's Kevin-freaking-Hearne! Tons of fun guaranteed, although I wish Atticus caught some break already, because he is running out of enemies. Virtually everyone is after him! At last, BITTERBLUE was quirky and lovely. A bit too long, but a great big puzzle which I couldn't solve until the very end.


Thanks to Gollanz Geeks!


I still had a bit of money left on a gift card from Waterstones, and I bought it as an ebook.
I also bought Vampire L.A. straight after finishing Vampire Miami, it was that addictive!
I promised myself this year that I'll read more Russian fantasy (which is excellent) and bought Golden Fires by Alexey Pehov, whose writing I adore.

I also popped in The Works and made use of their fab offer of 3 books for £5! I'm always happy when that happens to me (and it happens not very often, believe me!)


The kindle offer is finished already, but I was really glad to pick up the last Marta's book I haven't read, because I adore her writing.

This is it.
I hope you enjoy these pics of Portugal I promised you last week. Some of them are mine and some of them are courtesy of our friend, Ben, who is a talented photographer.

High in the mountains of Sierra D'Estrela, it's +2 and snowing...

Breakfast in Castelo Branco - very strong coffee and Pasteis de Nata (creme cakes).

Car on the streets of Castelo Branco.

Castelo Branco

Somewhere near Proenca-a-Velha, private land.

Same location.

Largo de Relva, square on the bottom of Monsanto village.

Walking through nature reserve...

At the lake.

Typical view in Central Portugal

Drinkable water straight from the spring - something you see in every village in Portugal.

Sunday market in Tabua. The owner of the cafe tries to converse in a mix of Spanish and Portuguese.

Village of Monsanto

In nature reserve. Mayfly drying its wings on Alex's shoulder.

Happy Sunday! Ciao!


Bea's Book Nook said...

Gorgeous photos and I can't believe you got snowed on, eep. I'm so excited for you and your husband.

Look at all the lovely books, busy busy lady. :)

Mel said...

Wow - your trip looks amazing! Very different from my Portugal visit! :-)
I have Bittervlue on my TBR pile and I still haven't started the Kevin Hearne series yet... :)

Aurian said...

Lovely book collection again! And thanks for posting the pics. I have never been to Portugal, but it sure looks pretty.

Blodeuedd said...

Great photos :D
Oh and awesome books too!

Kat said...

Portugal is gorgeous! And YAY for sunny weather, we FINALLY have some here today!!

Oh and Through the Ever Night! I enjoyed that even more than Under the Never Sky.

Have a fab week :-D

Ula said...

Oooooh such pretty pictures! You had a great time I see, saw a lot of amazing things! I am a little jealous!
As for the books, I cannot wait to start on Cashore's and Rossi's books myself. :)
Graet haul, and thanks for stopping by :)

miki said...

thank you a lot for the pictures of your trip, it looks really lovely

Petra said...

I love the pictures from Portugal! It really seems like another world, so beautiful! :)

Ellie said...

Looks like you had a lovely relaxing holiday. I need one of those! And I don't need to know there are new interesting books in The Works.... aaargh! ;)

Hannah @ Dragons and Whimsy said...

Ooh you were accepted in the same Gollancz Geeks email as I was! :D And your Works seems to have the same selection as the one I visited over a month ago! Picked up Ysabel and Through the Never Sky. I went for some others too. Love trips to The Works!

And loved browsing your piccies on Facebook the other day, but didn't see all of these. Looking lovely, hun. :D

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

I love all the pictures and want to jump on a plane and visit! I am so curious about Vampire LA and book one, especially since you bought book two immediately! Have a wonderful week..our weather is teetering between 65 and 80. The Sunday Post

Michelle @ Much Loved Books said...

Fantastic haul and amazing photos. Trapped sounds interesting, although I suppose I should read the other books in this series :)

Thanks for stopping by my haul

Melliane said...

it's si beautiful darling, I hope you'll like living there. Happy reading too, you had many books!

Christy LoveOfBooks said...

Yay for bbq weather! And wow, those are great pictures. Glad you had a good time. Ugh.. I'm so behind on the Iron Druid Chronicles. I love Atticus!!

zEmfIrKa said...

Luv bbq, we've been doing a lot of that here as well, although we pretty much do it year round - as long as my husband is willing to grill - we do! :)

Anyhow, gorgeous pictures! & I want to go to Portugal now!

Your review of The Red Plague Affair, makes me think of whether to give The Iron Wyrm Affair another go. I tried it awhile back, and just couldn't get past a few first chapters. :( We'll see. I got a pile of books from BEA13 that are staring at me at the moment...

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