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Urban Fantasy Review: Death's Rival by Faith Hunter

Death's Rival by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock #5)


Synopsis from Goodreads

Jane Yellowrock is a shapeshifting skinwalker you don’t want to cross—especially if you’re one of the undead…For a vampire killer like Jane, having Leo Pellisier as a boss took some getting used to. But now, someone is out to take his place as Master Vampire of the city of New Orleans, and is not afraid to go through Jane to do it. After an attack that’s tantamount to a war declaration, Leo knows his rival is both powerful and vicious, but Leo’s not about to run scared. After all, he has Jane. But then, a plague strikes, one that takes down vampires and makes their masters easy prey.

Now, to uncover the identity of the vamp who wants Leo’s territory, and to find the cause of the vamp-plague, Jane will have to go to extremes…and maybe even to war.

Amazon  US/UK(£4.56) | Amazon kindle US | The Book Depository US/UK


* * * 
 This was another absolutely fabulous addition to Jane Yellowrock urban fantasy series. Even better than the previous couple of books. You know why?

There was an edge of desperation to Jane, and like with all the predators it only made her so much more lethal. I loved this book in all its savage wonders!

Great thing about Death's Rival, - it digs into Jane's childhood, forces her to uncover more of her memories and face her oldest trauma and fears.

She also has to face her current greatest fear and master it, feel the betrayal of the people who she thought always had her back. 

Positive thing? She acquires two assistants, and it looks like the beginning of a really great team. Negative thing? The sexual tension is still unresolved, and all that pent-up feelings of attraction are getting stale. It's really a thread of the plot that I'd like to kill off because it's going nowhere.

The ending is absolutely awesome and was really keeping me on the edge of my seat, but this is what Faith Hunter does best and what really makes me pick up her books time and again. Jane Yellowrock series is solid, hard-boiled and very much action driven urban fantasy, which I thoroughly recommend.

* * *
Соперник Смерти оказалась книгой на порядок выше двух предыдущих и отличнейшим городским фэнтези.

Почему? Потому что здесь Джейн оказывается загнана в угол и как все загнанные в угол хищники она становится ещё опаснее для  своих врагов.

Ей не только приходится вспомнить свою детскую травму и страхи, запрятанные глубоко внутри её долгой памяти как оборотня, ей приходится столкнуться с самым сильным из своих нынешних страхов и наконец осознать, что и его ей удастся побороть.

Позитив книги? У Джейн появляется парочка занимательных помощников, которые как мне кажется превратятся в отличнейшую команду со временем. Негатив? Всё то же старое не разрешённое сексуальное напряжение между главными персонажами. Честно говоря к пятой книге уже эта часть сюжета, ведущая абсолютно в никуда обрыдла до невозможности. Мне всё равно кого Джейн выберет или не выберет, я просто хочу чтобы она наконец-то перестала об этом думать и стала действовать как её внутренний Зверь, который ну уж точно мудрее её в подобных делах.

Естественно, Зверь - красотка и умничка, и вообще эту часть книг я просто обожаю. Она мне очень импонирует как сущность совершенно отличная от Джейн.

Концовка, как всегда у Фэйт Хантер, фееричная и охренительно прекрасная, да так, что хочется бежать не знаю куда и платить не знаю какие деньги чтобы сейчас же прочитать продолжение... А бежать никуда не надо, так как продолжение выходит на следующей неделе второго апреля :)


Blodeuedd said...

Another series that I should give a go ;)

Aurian said...

I will read it someday! I do have the first book(s) already on my shelves. Glad it is still going strong and better.

Melliane said...

I need to come back to this series, I think I only read book 1...But I was a little disappointed by it.

Mel said...

I am so far behind with this series - I only read the first two books and have just ended up buying the others without reading them yet!

brandileigh2003 said...

SOunds like a series I should check out if it keeps on edge of seat.
Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Gah! I have the first book here on the shelf. Soooo need to get to this series. Neeed....moooore...tiiiiime! lol

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I read the first three books in the series. The action and world-building is fantastic, but Jane's constant angst over her past, religion, and boyfriend issues got to be too much by book three. I just couldn't make sense of her choices and feelings which ruined me for reading further books. Glad you are enjoying them, though!

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