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Dystopian Steampunkish YA Review: Skylark by Meagan Spooner

Skylark by Meagan Spooner (Skylark #1)

borrowed from the library

Synopsis from Goodreads
Vis in magia, in vita vi. In magic there is power, and in power, life.

For fifteen years, Lark Ainsley waited for the day when her Resource would be harvested and she would finally be an adult. After the harvest she expected a small role in the regular, orderly operation of the City within the Wall. She expected to do her part to maintain the refuge for the last survivors of the Wars. She expected to be a tiny cog in the larger clockwork of the city.

Lark did not expect to become the City’s power supply.

For fifteen years, Lark Ainsley believed in a lie. Now she must escape the only world she’s ever known . . . or face a fate more unimaginable than death.

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* * *
 Skylark is a very enjoyable book to read. My only complaint is that it's way too short. You just get comfortable with the characters, get to know them and the plot thickens... when bam! it's all finished. I had the same problem with Sister Assassin. TOO SHORT. Is it because it's YA? Do the publishers think that teens suffer from short attention spun? Can any teen tell me if they are alright with short books or if they get bored with something longer than 200 pages? I just want to know.

Lark is a nice young girl who has a great sense of justice. She is determined to set things right even if it means that she will suffer and feel humiliated. That takes great courage. She also doesn't turn the blind eye towards certain truths and doesn't stay in denial like many YA heroines I know.

In short, she is an asset, not a liability, and I greatly admire that.

I loved how Skylark was about friendships not silly love triangles or even a love interest. There is Oren - a wonderful, lonely, wild boy who helps Lark on her journey to the Iron City and there is a tiny pixie Nix, who has a consciousness of its own and who swiftly captures readers hearts.

Although there is an attempt to market Skylark as a steampunk, it's only vaguely steampunk-ish the way City of Ember might have been. It is a clear mix of genres - fantasy and dystopia with bits of clockwork mechanisms thrown in.

The world itself is very vague, but as it's a simple linear plot, it doesn't take from the enjoyment of the book. Overall, a great read! Don't hesitate to buy it for your son or daughter or read it yourself.

* * *
Жаворонок - довольно таки славная книга для подростков. Я читала с большим удовольствием и проводила параллели с Городом Эмбер.

Книга хоть и рекламируется как стимпанк, но стимпанковских элементов здесь раз-два и обчёлся. По большей части это книга о дружбе, адаптации и чувстве справедливости.

Скорее всего поэтому сама Ларк мне очень импонировала как героиня. Она сбегает из города, ничего не зная, руководимая чувством что то, что хотят с ней сделать и сделали с её предшественницей - неправильно и ей нужно найти помощь и для себя и для женщины, из которой мучительно выжимают остатки магии.

Орен - вообще замечательный характер, дикий, странный мальчик, живущий в глуши, населённой каннибалами. Он протягивает руку помощи Ларк, потому что она скрашивает его невыносимое одиночество, пока он заботится о том, чтобы она выжила по дороге в Железный город.

Ещё один прекрасный персонаж - это крошечная механическая фея Никс, обладающая сознанием и подпитывающаяся магией Ларк. Она очаровательна и незаметно завоёвывает сердце читателя.

Само построение мира очень слабенькое и вырисовано в общих чертах, однако так как сюжет довольно прямолинеен, чтение от этого не страдает. Единственное, чем я была недовольна - это краткость книги. Очень уж быстро она закончилась. :( А так очень советую всем возрастам!


Blodeuedd said...

I do not want it it it feels too short, that just leaves me unhappy

Katrina (athousand-lives) said...

I tried reading this a while ago but I just couldn't get into the story. Ended up DNFing it. Glad to see you enjoyed it so much though :)

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Blodeuedd, mine and yours problem is that we are too spoiled with long fantasy books LOL

I'm sorry to hear about it, Katrina! Hope you enjoy your next one. Very often a book just isn't right for some readers and loved by others.

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

Cupcake it's our age..I loved this book but would have loved a few hundred more pages. I do notice that strict YA readers will complain or note if a book is much longer. When I was younger and broke, I would have a list of books i wanted and would buy the one with the most dang pages so it lasted longer. The US cover is so much prettier.

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Sounds good. I know my son likes to have shorter books from time to time. With his schedule it's hard to pick up a big thick one and get through it with class, homework, sports and all going on yet read too. :) Thank you!

Zemira said...

How many pages does it have? I usually order books with more pages(over 300 or 400) but when it comes to actually reading them, I tend to pick shorter ones first. At least at the moments since it seems I can't find a really great series. Everything is boring me. :(

I just notices the cover looks like the new Mockingjay cover but with an origami bird.

Becca said...

I was fortunate enough to meet Meagan Spooner last month at a book signing. I loved listening to her talk about the book. I bought it but haven't had a chance to read it yet. I'm anxious to, too! You wrote a fantastic review!

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