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Erotic Novel Review: The Secret Life of a Submissive by Sarah K

The Secret Life of a Submissive: A True Story by Sarah K

18+ only
Synopsis from Goodreads
Sarah K has a secret.

By day she’s a writer and level-headed single mother; by night she’s a submissive, surrendering herself to forbidden delights. But will she perform the most illicit act of all – falling in love?

Written with complete honesty, this is an electrifying journey to the heights of pleasure; a real-life Fifty Shades of Grey.

When Max comes into Sarah’s life – charming, handsome and deliciously brooding – she can’t stop herself. Before long she has surrendered to him in every way: becoming his submissive, yielding her body to his every desire, powerless to fight his sensual temptations.

As Sarah pushes her mind and body to its limits, she begins to realise that she’s in too deep. Pleasure and pain have become her world. She’s addicted – to the adrenalin, to the sensation, to Max himself.

Now she’s in serious danger of giving in to the ultimate temptation: falling in love…

Daring, evocative and thrilling, but told with wit and honesty, this is the explosive true story of life as a submissive, and of a secret world in which only a few dare to play.

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* * *
Sarah K's story grabbed my attention after I read a glowing review on Claire's Book Corner. The story was a true account and it was based in England which ensured that I went and bought the damn book straight away.

I would not call The Secret Life of a Submissive an erotic romance - it reads like a true, raw and honest account, sad and awkward at times, an intimate exploration of your own desires without going into surrealistic over-the-top territory which is a bane of most of erotic novels existence.

Sarah herself is an erotic writer, 40+ woman with kids. She just divorced and decided at last to give into her curiosity and desires that have been lurking within her subconsciousness for a long time. She is a real woman, she doesn't have anything extraordinary about her and she is just as vulnerable and insecure about her appearance as most of us. In truth she is endearing and very familiar, which makes you feel for her even more.

Max is older than her, he's got rich history and very specific desires, and after a series of unfortunate interviews with potential Masters through internet BDSM site, Sarah decides to try and let him introduce her to the world she is so curious to know.

Their connection is explosive and it changes both of them throughout the story while Sarah tries to adapt to Max's desires and her own peculiar, heady reaction to them. At the same time Max is telling his own story, how BDSM was introduced into his own life and how it made him the man we see now.

If you expect over dramatic reactions of Fifty Shades and non-stop inner goddess monologue, forget it. This is a great psychological, visceral exploration of dominance and submission with great sexual scenes. There is no happily-ever-after per se, but there is a positive ending that rings true and makes you a little sad but hopeful for the heroine.

I loved it. Recommended to anyone interested in quality, challenging, thought-provoking BDSM erotica.

* * *
Очень интересная книга, выделяющаяся на рынке быстро насыщающимся наскоро слепленной эротикой в стиле БДСМ, чтобы нажиться на успехе 50 Оттенков

История Сары К. - это история обычной английской женщины после 40, автора эротики, только что оформившей свой развод и ищущей себя в фантазиях, которые преследуют её на протяжении всей супружеской жизни.

Она решается найти Мастера через интернет БДСМ сайты, который бы познакомил её со своим миром. После нескольких месяцев поисков и бесчисленных встреч в кафе, она наконец-то встречает Макса - доминирующего, симпатичного мужчину, успешного бизнесмена, который практикует БДСМ очень давно и чувствует себя очень комфортно в своей шкуре.

Их связь интенсивна и электризующа без особого драматизма молодости и монологов внутренней богини. Сара заинтригована желаниями Макса и своими собственными реакциями на них, она перерождается как женщина, да и сам Макс постепенно меняется, открываясь все больше и больше и рассказывая Саре о тех решениях, что привели его к БДСМ...

Я не могу назвать Секретную Жизнь романом, так как история вышла жизненной, прямой и честной. Сара - совершенно обычная женщина, с которой очень легко себя ассоциировать и которую легко понять. По-человечески хочется чтобы она была счастлива, и несмотря на отсутствие хэппи энда, концовка всё-равно остаётся позитивной и доброй. Книга заставляет задуматься, и несмотря на очень хорошие постельные сцены, её форте всё же в исследовании психологических аспектов БДСМ. 



Blodeuedd said...

Ugh 50 shades, even the mentioning of it...

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

It sounds a little steamier than I like. But glad you enjoyed it! :)

Lexi said...

Wow, what a review. And the comment that it being based in England made you go out and buy it right away made me laugh.
I enjoy a good erotic read every now and then, so I think this sounds interesting to see a real life version.

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