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Erotic Historical Romance Review: Bound By Honor by Colette Gale

Bound by Honor by Colette Gale (Seducing The Classics #3)


Synopsis from Goodreads
From the acclaimed author of Master comes the tale of a woman of legend, caught in a dark forest of intrigue, desire, and lust.

Maid Marian, now Lady of Leaford, is sent to the court of Prince John-not to take part in the debauchery of his Court of Pleasure, but to spy on him for his mother. Little does she know that her secret mission will thrust her into a whirlwind of intrigue, terror, and carnal temptations.

At court, Marian is torn between her duty to the queen and her desire for two men: one, the mysterious highwayman the peasants call Robin Hood, and the other, the dark, cold Sheriff of Nottingham. Given an impossible choice, she must submit to the carnality of Prince John's court in order to fulfill her duty and maintain her honor. But in the end, there is only one man for whom she will risk her life and give her heart.

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* * *
 First of all, for the kind of novel it is, Bound by Honor is ridiculously overpriced. £8/$12.99 for an ebook published in 2009? You are kidding me, right. So when my interest was piqued I managed to buy a second hand paperback for £3.80 through BetterWorldBooks. Yes, my copy did fall apart when I was reading it, but I didn't feel bad about it...

I would not call this book erotica, mostly it reads like a slightly racy historical romance. Certainly, an author like Bertrice Small will give it a run for the money.

I was led to believe by the synopsis that there will be sizzling sexual attraction between Marian, Robin and Sheriff of Nottingham, - the latter is the reason I wanted to read the novel. I love Nottingham! He is a great historical villain. 

Instead there are lukewarm interactions between Robin and Marian, doom and gloom on behalf of the sheriff who tries to save Marian from the leering eye of Prince John and feels self-loathing all the time, and John's pathetic sexually deviant court which of course required Marian to participate. Yawn. All in all it's rather tame.

Marian contracted by the Queen to spy on Prince John doesn't do a very good job of it and mostly plays the role of the victim. Sheriff and Robin over think everything, and the ending is awfully convenient. I think my problem is that there was really no conflict, no tension, no spark, and spoiled as I am by very good erotica I don't like to settle for less and read about glorified sex without emotional depth.

Slightly entertaining, even enjoyable, but I'm hesitant to recommend it.

* * *
В общем-то, паршивая книга, дамы и господа. Читается как слабенький эротический исторический роман, где пустоголовый секс заменяет эмоциональный контент и лимитированный словарный запас.

Во первых, когда мне порекомендовали эту книгу меня сразу же возмутила цена на электронную копию - 8 фунтов или 13 долларов за то, что вышло в 2009 году. Возмутительно! Я умудрилась купить книгу сэконд хэнд на замечательном вебсайте
BetterWorldBooks всего лишь за 3 фунта 80, и слава богу, что больше я ни копейки на неё не потратила.

Во вторых, что меня привлекло, так это любовный треугольник между Мариан, Робином и шерифом Ноттингхэмским. Как же, ведь последний является классическим историческим злодеем!

На самом деле любовного треугольника как такового нет. Робина и Мэриан особо не влечёт друг к другу, она по большей части закручивает связь с шерифом, который пытается уберечь её от похотливого интереса Принца Джона, которому непременно хочется чтобы Мариан поучаствовала в оргиях его внутреннего двора. Мэриан, посланная к Джону его матерью, чтобы на того шпионить, своим делом не занимается, зато прекрасно играет жертву обстоятельств. Ноттингхэма грызёт совесть и он слишком часто и с удовольствием занимается самобичеванием... А Робин вообще оказывается пустоголовым щеголем.

 В общем, скучно, нудно и полным полно клише. Читать можно, но зачем?


Blodeuedd said...

No thanks. I need an awesome story if I am gonna enjoy erotica as I tend to skim sex scenes anyway ;)

Christina said...

"An erotic novel of Maid Marian" <-- *dies laughing*

The used book fell apart when you were reading? That sucks! I buy used books all the time, and they're usually nigh pristine. Why is this book so expensive? Oy.

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