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The Peculiar Superpowers of Eleanor Armstrong by K.A. Shloegel REVIEW

The Peculiar Superpowers of Eleanor Armstrong by K.A. Shloegel

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Synopsis from Amazon
Teenage writer Eleanor Armstrong tells the story of her life as a collection of Facebook-esque entries interspersed with the chapters of the novel she is writing. She starts out writing a nice, quiet high school romance, depicting the love triangle between ultra-hip and smart Sarah – who is really just Eleanor with great hair, her geeky pal Marky – who is Eleanor’s pal in real life too, and popular jock Brandon – a character based on a boy who once spoke to Eleanor. But to her dismay, the novel turns to horror after zombies attack the school and kill Brandon. You know, just the usual “Boy meets girl. Boy turns into zombie. Zombie-boy loses girl. Zombie-boy gets girl.”


Write what you know, Eleanor’s teacher tells her. And what she knows is a high school teeming with bored kids who will prey upon each other, can be kind, cruel, fall in love, or anything in between just to relieve the tedium of their existence. In other words, a school full of zombies. So Eleanor goes with it. Zombie attacks abound, both in her novel and her real life as an overlooked teenager with peculiar superpowers. 

Amazon  US | Amazon kindle US/UK

* * *
Don't get yourself fooled by a really bad cover, folks, this book is a little gem!
 An absolute delight, cheeky and bittersweet, ironic and smart, PSEA is a story within story.

Eleanor is a normal girl who quietly stumbles through her high school highs and lows. She is one of the invisible ones, whose name hardly anyone remembers  and who has a secret crash on a popular jock. 

Everything changes when she decides to write a high-school romance as her English literature project. 

Between hilarious zombie invasion caused by a supervillain, where her main characters - Sarah, Marky and Brandon struggle to survive and save their town, and Eleanor's blog entries about her real problems encompassing bullying at school, family and bitching about the unfairness of life in general...

...this book is ingenious and unexpectedly deep. 

Eleanor's online conversations with her best friend Marky and her attempts at writing, slowly make a change within her, and by the end of the book she takes control of her life and her surroundings, just as clever Marky realises how to best his bullies.

The dialogues in this book are to die for, hilarious in a very nerdy way...

(blog entry about Eleanor's dad who is an FBI agent)
Special Agent Jack Armstrong Fun Fact
Dad’s car has a vanity license plate. Yes, the Cheapest
Man in America put out his hard-earned money for a special
plate. But you’d never know by looking at it. It took him
three weeks of research to find the most inconspicuous three letter and three-number combination possible. Then he ordered that one. The man bought a vanity plate with the sole purpose of NOT drawing attention to himself. I guess he was afraid that if left to chance, he might end up with AGT 007 or DVL 666 or something.
As if people haven’t already snatched those up.
Marky said: What about JLO 247?
Elmer said: Jello 24-7?
Marky said: Damn right it is.
Elmer said: Huh?
Please, give this book a go. It might surprise you.

* * *
Кстати, совершенно неожиданно интересная находка!
Мне безумно понравилась эта книга в книге.

Елеанор работает над школьным проектом по литературе. Она пишет школьный роман о популярной девочке Саре, её друге - Марки  и её парне - Брэндоне. Только вот роман неожиданно вырывается из под контроля и перерастает в пародийную, саркастичную историю о нашествии зомби и планах супер-злодея о мировом господстве.

Между самим романом и постами Элеанор в её блоге, на которые комментирует её лучший друг Марки (да, это он в романе), в которых Элеанор жалуется на нападки одноклассников, семейные проблемы и несправедливость жизни в общем в абсурднейше-увлекательной манере...

...книга неожиданно захватывает и оказывается глубокой и искренней. Благодаря проекту Елеанор, оба, и она и Марки, осознают как прекратить издевательства одноклассников и взять под контроль свою жизнь.

Искренне советую, очень умная и смешная книга!


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