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December 2012 New Book Releases I'm Dying to Read and My Book Buying Ban Conclusion!

I've got The Farm  ARC and ecopy of Gilded as well because the first book, Tarnished, was awesome!

How about you? Any of these are on your wishlist?

Today is the last day of my book buying ban. I'm happy to say that  I've reached my goal of 10 books left from my old TBR pile.

Of course I have a new TBR pile right now due to all paperbacks I've bought on my weekends away (yes, I've left myself a loophole of buying books on holidays) and the offers I utilized on Black Friday...
However, none of these were touched during the ban which allowed me to plow through the books that have been on my bookshelves for more than a year gathering dust and feeling neglected by yours truly :D

I have 5 paperbacks in Russian left which I'll go through before Christmas as I'm fairly busy with guest posts and giveaways and don't need to review as much. They were last year's Christmas present and due to an intense schedule on the blog I was unable to touch them - let's face it who'd be interested in reviews of books in Russian which most of my readers won't be able to read anyway? :D I thought so.

So, the conclusion is I've done it and learned something important about curbing my review requesting and buying impulses.
I will have quota of bought and requested books each month and will try to stick to it.
Ideally I'd try to have no more than 30 books on my TBR pile at a time, which means that my December-January quota is almost reached, wait until you see my insane book haul this Sunday!)

Here you go, happy ramblings end.
*throws confetti*


Blodeuedd said...

My TBR pile is...HUGE, I am a ashamed, I should read them

Mel said...

Congratulations on succeeding with your ban and reducing your TBR pile!! So proud of you! I hope you can keep to you 30 book aim...

I have arcs of Sealed with a Curse, Scent of Magic and The Farm - all of which I hope to read in the next couple of weeks. I am looking forward to The Friday Society as well. (Oh, , and Falling Kingdoms is great fun! I'm taking part in the blog tour next week for it!)

miki said...

Congrats^^ it wasn't that easy to stick to your plan you did really great

i have a scent of magic on my wishlist ( and falling kingdom is tempting too)

Mel@Thedailyprophecy said...

Great job! My TBR pile is huge.. I think I need to stop buying books for at least 3 years, haha. But I don't mind :)

The farm! Lucky you. I'm really looking forward to it. It sounds awesome and I love the creepy cover. Falling Kingdom looks great as well.

Lesley @ My keeper shelf said...

I'm so impressed I don't think I can actually face counting the number of books I actually have waiting to be read. It would be waaaaay too scary to contimplate. I think I've got fussier about requesting and accepting review books this year but I still have a long way to go before I'm at your level.

Christina said...

Nice gifs! Also, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

roro said...


Sofija Kapranova said...

I am that small group of people who are interested in your reviews on Russians books))) I haven't read anything on my own language for a while now and will be glad to get some good recommendations)

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Blodeuedd, How many books do you have? *wink*

Mel, I'm envious! Really want to read them too! Will be looking forward to our review :)

Miki, thank you! I want to read them too!

Mel@Thedailyprophecy, as long as you feel comfortable you are alright. Thank you! ;)

Lesley, I'm much fussier now as well and try to accept only those books I think I'd love.

Christina, thank you, darling! Your gifs always impress me so I've tried hard :)

Rogier, thanx! x

Софочка, я может быть тогда их на Гудридс прорецензирую. Я тоже очень мало читаю на русском.

Grace Fonseca said...

Touch of Steel has an awesome cover. It looks really nice. Falling Kingdoms was amazing. It's one of my favorite books this year. Book buying ban's are hard.


Nina @ Death, Books, and Tea said...

Ten books from earlier! Well done! Good luck in keeping to the thirty- I tried that and .... badly failed XD Now, my TBR pile is actually a giant box full. I really want to read Tarnished some time soon-Karina seems so cool on Twitter. Enjoy the books you got with all the offers :)

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

Congrats..you can save those tbr books from holiday for my Take Control of your TBR pile challenge for March 2013...so proud of you!!

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

I really have to read Falling Kingdoms sooner rather than later, Grace! ;) Everyone says that it's amazing!

I like reading her posts on Twitter, Nina. She is very funny. And Tarnished was excellent!

Kimba, I will probably have to take you on your offer in March :D

Bea said...

I am impressed at how well you did. I need some of your discipline! My TBR scary O_o


Sofija Kapranova said...

Карина, с удовольствием почитаю твои рецензии на Гудридс))

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