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Erotic Romance Review: Bonds of Love by Sarah K

Bonds of Love by Sarah K

Egalley thanks to HarperCollins

Synopsis from Goodreads
If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey¸ you’ll LUST after this true story of dominance, submission, lust and temptation.

Sarah K is like any normal woman. She lives in a quiet suburban town. She has a couple of kids; a steady job as a writer. But behind the bedroom door she enters a different world – a world sexual power play and erotic control. For Sarah K is a submissive, and she willingly surrenders her body to the passions of a dominant lover.

Still reeling after ending things with her first dom, Max, Sarah finds herself unable to move on. As Max had warned, once you’ve tasted the forbidden fruits of dominance and submission, you can’t go back. So when Sarah meets Alex – a tall, handsome man who shares her erotic desires – she finds herself cast under the dark spell of pleasure and pain once more.

As they explore one another, like an addiction, Sarah begins to crave Alex – his touch, his breath, his smell. Shocked at the emotions he has awakened within her, Sarah tells herself this is just lust. She had learnt the hard way that falling in love is one line that can’t be crossed.

So why does it feel so wrong when Max re-enters her life, determined to possess her once more? Should she admit her true feelings for Alex, and potentially expose herself to the worst pain of all – heartbreak?

Hotter than fiction, this intoxicating and explosive true story will set your pulse racing as Sarah K strips away the mask to reveal what it’s really like to be a sexual submissive.
Amazon  US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | The Book Depository US/UK | Fishpond


* * *
I remember reading the first book The Secret Life of a Submissive last year and enjoying the heck out of it. Bonds of Love was just as awesome. "Why?" you'd ask.

The majority of BDSM fiction can be easily read as fantasy, but this was so normal and realistic, you have no trouble accepting it as a part of Sarah's life.

First of all, she was a divorced mother of two in her late forties. She was not fragile, she was not damaged and she knew what she wanted from life. I had great respect for Sarah who used her brain, no-nonsense attitude, a network of friends to rely on and a good-natured behaviour to get on with her life after she walked away from her first Dom, Max in the last book.

When she started dating again and met Alex I could have just hugged them both. He was such a sweetheart, the pages would lit up every time they were together. 

This was a beautiful piece of intelligent, bittersweet, romantic fiction from a British author with an ending worthy of an English chick lit movie, and I loved every moment of it. Very much recommended.

* * *
Я помню, как с огромным удовольствием читала первую книгу серии, и Узы Любви в этом аспекте меня совершенно не подвела.

Сара меня ещё в прошлой книге поразила своей рассудительностью, хорошим чувством юмора и реалистичностью своей истории. Она - милая, интеллегентная женщина сорока с лишним лет, автор эротики и романов, которая ушла от своего первого Дома, Макса, в предыдущей книге с разбитым сердцем.

Теперь несколько месяцев спустя, она решается вернуться к службе знакомств и опять начать встречаться с мужчинами, ища отношений БДСМ, но она отказывается завязывать что-то серьёзное после Макса.

И тут она встречает милого, очаровательного Алекса, который настолько хорошо был выписан, что мне хотелось обнять и порадоваться за них обоих. Алекс даёт Саре 6 месяцев, чтобы решить выбрать ли его или найти кого-то другого.  И Сара пытается следовать своему плану, однако счастливее от этого не становится, а тут и Макс вновь появляется на горизоне...

Мило, зрело, типично по-британски, и очень напомнило мне одну из английских романтических комедий. Рекомендую.
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