The Postman Knock #26

It was a good and a bad week, peeps.
I've received a few lovely gifts from my friends and I felt really loved.
At the same time, hubby's birthday was a sad one again. Some of you might remember that last year he lost his brother the day before his birthday. So this year it would have been a somber day anyway, but we also received a call that his oldest friend suddenly passed away on the same day this year, so it was a pretty horrid birthday for us both...

The important thing to know - we are always here for each other.
*hugs to you all as well*

In other news, my decision to post every other day instead of every day took so much stress off me I didn't even know I had...I am amazed. Essentially I sacrificed 2 days, Tuesday and Thursday reviews, as from now on I'll be doing 3 reviews per week instead of 5, a guest/feature post on Saturday and a mail post on Sunday.

So what have I READ?

FADE TO BLACK was disappointing, and I admit i skimmed through most of it. Great ideas, but I just could not feel for the characters. I don't know where the connection broke, but it did. PENELOPE which i reviewed on Monday on the other hand was  gorgeous. Such a brilliant read! Go read my review here. SEVEN KINDS OF HELL was another no-go for me. Some great moments, some fab ideas, but in my mind it felt messy and disjointed. Review here. FAIR GAME (OMG, Blodeuedd, you were absolutely right!) kicked some ass. That was Pat Briggs at her best. An excellent urban fantasy! TO THE PRINCESS BOUND was another marvelous surprise. Again I was reading my second book by Sara King and found myself completely engrossed and unable to stop. She is a fantastic, highly understated author, and I wish more of my fellow bloggers tried reading her books. REVELATION  was a DNF unfortunately. Don't get me wrong, the premise and the world-building rocked, but the main characters had so much exaggerated angst I got tired of eye rolling pretty fast :D I really can't deal with too much drama these days... BLADE SONG, it was an awesome fast-paced read, and I just couldn't ask for more! At last, HEART OF IRON was super scrumptious, just like the first book. Honestly, peeps, don't miss out on Bec McMaster, especially if you are a fan of Kristen Callihan. She is so very good!

I've heard great praise to this book from Book Chick City gals, and it's currently only a £1 on kindle UK!


Another book reviewed by both my blogger pals, Blodeuedd and Kimba, which I had to get! They are giving this author a lot of praise ;)


Lovely Melliane from Between Dreams and Reality gifted this book to me. I've heard a lot of great things about Amanda Bonilla, and had this book on my wishlist for absolute ages! Thank you, sweetheart!

Elizabeth Hunter, whom I absolutely adore sent me her latest pretty with my blurb on the back and a wonderful message which totally made my day. I think it's for the moments like this we all blog...

Hugs to all!
Happy Sunday!


  1. Hihi, I know I know, I am awesome ;D

    Blogging is never meant to stress you out so good idea about posting less. I am still going strong how many books I read over xmas ;)

  2. So sorry to hear bad news again for your hubs - big hugs to you both! Life sucks sometimes...

    The Restorer is fantastically atmospheric and compelling read - so glad your getting a chance to read it. And congrats on being quoted on a book - that must be such a great feeling. :-)

  3. What a lovely haul! Yay for making a cover :D
    And Queen of the World looks really cute. :)

    Happy reading!
    My stack

  4. Wonderful, I'm so glad you had the book, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did! I love the Amanda Stevens series as well so I can't wait to know your opinion. Happy reading!

  5. Blodeuedd, I have a backlog of 18! So there are books I read at Christmas there somewhere ;)

    Aww, thanks, Mel! I can't wait to read it. Glad you enjoyed it too!

    Ula, it does, doesn't it? hope it's a great read!

    D., I can't wait to start it, honestly. So many people think it's awesome! :)

  6. Oh that's awful news, hope you are both OK. *HUGS*

    Enforced daily blogging is tough on anyone with a solo blog. You will find it a huge relief once you realise it's OK to leave it for a few days. I do tend to post most days but have started writing stuff at the weekends so I don't spend too much time on it during the evenings.

  7. I'm so glad you liked Blade Song, get the hankies ready for the next instalment as you'll need them. It's blizzard how as bloggers we put so much pressure on ourselves to post everyday or have a certain amount of reviews up each week. I've made myself take regular little blogging breaks recently and I've eased up with how many posts I do each week and it feels much more like fun again so I absolutely recommend not posting everyday, chilling out and not feeling like you need to review every book you read.
    I'm also sending you big hugs as it sounds like you guys need it:)

  8. Thanks, Ellie! I agree, and it's not like I can find people who can share blogging with me, as I both blog in English and Russian :) So the only way forward is to slow down.

    Lesley, I'm looking forward to reading book #2. Your review yesterday made me read the first one at last :) Thanks for the hugs, sweetie!

  9. OOOH WOW! That's awesome! Not only are you quoted but you're on the cover!! That's amazing!! Congratulations!!

    Happy Reading and enjoy all your books!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  10. Thanks, Jessica! It's very exciting! ;) Have a great day too!

  11. :( Hugs and much love to you and your husband, love. We are at that age isn't it? Where we witness the passing of people we know. Sad, I know. But true.

    Anyway, I hope your week will be better.



  12. You're on the blurb! Congrats! You must be so happy right now. :)

  13. Joy, unfortunately it's true. Plus both deaths happened for really silly selfish reasons and not because they were some sort of an accident, which only made us sad and mad. :(

    Zemira, thank you! ;)

  14. Shaedes of Grey sounds very interesting, and YAY for loving Fair Game. I love Patricia Briggs.
    I have heard lots of good things about The Restorer, I need to read this myself

    Thanks for stopping by my blog

  15. Shaedes of Grey is an awesome book. I enjoyed it a lot. You got some good books this week. Come visit me as well.


  16. I'm a little late but it's technically still Sunday here! :D

    I'm so sorry to hear that terrible news. How sad. Hopefully next year will bring some good news.

    I'm ready for The Restorer!

  17. Hey, Kara!

    Yeah, sorry for the late reply, as's about two minutes to midnight as I begin to write this comment...

    So sorry about your husband's losses. I pray that, with time, they will get easier to bear, somehow, although of course he'll never entirely forget. It's great that he's got you to help him and comfort him! :)

    As for your statement that you're going to blog less, I think that you do need to balance rest with the blogging and all your other activities. Good for you!!

    I can't believe you read all of those books in a week! WOW. I ENVY you!! I like all the mini-reviews,too!!

    Your new purchases and gifts look really good! And it's WONDERFUL that you wrote a blurb for a book, and it's on the back cover!! And the author wrote you a nice dedication, too!! Hurray for you!!!! CONGRATS!!

    GREAT post this week!! Hope you have a FAB week!! Happy Reading!! :)

  18. Michelle, Fair Game was marvelous! I hope you'll have a chance to read it!

    Grace, I'll be reading it very soon. Can't wait!

    Christy, me too! We'll read it together!

    Maria, thanks for such a lovely comment. That many book a week was a fluke, because if been reading a few at a time and just finished them more or less together :) Hope you'll be able to get your book soon.

  19. Oh, thanks!! I hope so, too.... I'll email you to explain.

    You're very welcome for the comment!! My pleasure! :)

  20. Hi Kara,
    Congrats on the blurb! That is so cool, and I really hope to see my (blog)name there once in the future. I would totally scream the house down.
    Question: are you just posting less reviews, or also writing less reviews? At the moment I write a review off each book I read, and try to post one a day. But when I don't have the review writing vibe going, I am perfectly fine to skip a day. Are you going to choose which books to review? Just the ones you loved perhaps?


  21. Hi, Aurian! I usually read faster than I post. Even if you do post reviews every day you always have days for features and mail post, giveaways, etc. The backlog just grows. I have around 18 books read waiting for review at the moment. It's just one of this things which is impossible to battle if you read voraciously. I will probably find that you'd get to that point too :)
    The ones I don't post most of the times are novellas and DNFs. Everything else goes.

  22. Hi Kara, I wish I had the time to read a book a day, and in my vacation I do manage that, but most often real life interferes.
    I also don't review DNF books, I don't want to spend any more time on them then I already did, and suck at writing negative reviews.

  23. I know what you mean! :) I just had 4 days off and read 8 books by the end of the week. I usually read paperbacks on breaks at work and ebooks at home. As a result I go through 2-4 books a week depending on their size. Very often it's between blogging or reading depending how tired I am after work.Of course real life interferes too :)

  24. Wow, lots of books read there. Sorry some were not so good for you. :) Hope you have a great week this week.

  25. I know this is about a month late, but I am very sorry for your sad news. :(

    As for blogging every other day, I think is totally acceptable! I think it is meant to be fun, not daunting. I personally admire your ability to read and review so many books in such a short time - very jealous, :) wish I had the time, strength and ability. I am only new to blogging, and I am trying to blog consistently at least once a week. I need to keep it manageable, with all the outside commitments, I mean. (Here, I am complaining of doing it weekly, when you do it everyday and in two languages!!! Shame on me! I don't think I would willingly go on translating my reviews. I have not written in proper Russian in so long.)

    As for the blurb on the cover, it is fantastic! :) I think I have to go find the hard copy of Ms. Hunter's book, so I can view the blurb in full beauty!


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