My Guilty Pleasure #7 - Nu Metal

My Guilty Pleasure

I kinda always liked nu metal, although I never knew what it was called until couple of years ago I stumbled onto a classification of the genre with the examples of the bands, and suddenly understood "OMG! These are all the bands I'm listening to!"
Nu metal (also known as nü-metal, aggro-metal, neo-metal or new metal) is a subgenre of heavy metal. It is a fusion genre which combines elements of metal with other genres, including hip hop and industrial. It is classed as part of alternative metal.
 Why do I like it?
The musical input is minimal, includes heavy, almost bare beat and doesn't distract from the real power of the voice of the vocalist. In other words, - it goes straight to your gut.

In fact it's not dissimilar to urban fantasy.
Here are few of my favorite songs.
Warning: first video contains lots of flashes of light, so if you're sensitive to it do not watch it.


 Kick-ass, leather clad Russian girlie with an absolute powerhouse of a voice.

Absolute musical geniuses, I love their sound and their lyrics!
Started listening to them in Russia. Had to pre-order CDs, and still remember faces of all the big tattooed guys when a little girlie came to pick up the stuff in their dingy alternative music shops :D Priceless.
I don't like all of their tracks, but some of the old ones are really really good!
To be honest the only song of his I love is Dragula, but what a song!
There are many more, but these 5 can give you a general idea of what is the sound of nu metal. Honorary mentions: Limp Bizkit, Korn and Queen of The Damned soundtrack. Not everyone cup of tea, I know, but do give me a shout if you like any of these, Ciao!  P.S. See the rest of My Guilty Pleasure posts in Features.


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  2. Wow, K. You're hardcore! :) I've heard of Deftones and Rob Zombie - definitely not easy listening.


  3. Ahaha, not really, Joy! :) It's totally a mood thing. Mostly I'm very mellow, this is my kick-ass music LOL

  4. OMG the cover to it, will check out your fav bands!

  5. Oh we are BIG Zombie fans. The kid use to ask for the zombie cd when we were in the car when he was younger. :) Some we skipped, obviously, but love the music. :) Great picks!!


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