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Hit List by Laurell K.Hamilton review

Hit List by Laurell K.Hamilton (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #20)

from the library
Synopsis from Goodreads
A serial killer is hunting the Pacific Northwest, murdering victims in a gruesome and spectacular way. The local police suspect “monsters” are involved, and have called in Anita Blake and Edward, US Marshals who really know their monsters, to catch the killer.

But some monsters are very real. The Harlequin have been the bogeymen of the vampire world for more than a thousand years; they are a secret so dark that even to speak their name can earn you a death sentence. Now they are here in America, hunting weretigers…and human police.

The Harlequin serve the Mother of All Darkness, the first vampire. She was supposed to be dead, but only her body was destroyed. Now she needs a new one, and she’s decided that Anita Blake’s is the body she wants. Edward thinks the serial killings are a trap to lure Anita closer to the most dangerous vampire they’ve ever hunted. The vampires call Edward “Death,” and Anita the “Executioner,” but Mommy Darkest is coming to kill one and possess the other, and she doesn’t care how many others have to die along the way.

* * *

Oh, thank you, thank you, God! Can I just say that when I finished this book I felt  profound gratitude. There wasn't even one tiny-teeny ORGY in this book. There was ONE very modest (for LKH) sex scene, and that's it, people. That is it.

Can you believe it?! Considering that the previous book was one big puppy pile of happy monsters non-stop.

My faith in humanity Anita is restored.

Yes, the book is flawed. Yes, Edward and Anita are not the same as they were in the beginning of the series. Yes, Miss Blake still has all her hang ups - there is always a policeman who hates her guts without a particular reason. She always has to explain how such a tiny woman can be one of the best US marshals in the country. There are heaps of prejudice and insecurity.


I honestly couldn't give a damn. There was action that LKH is so good at and there was good old Edward with a rocket launcher, creepy Olaf (will somebody shoot him at last?) and cheerful Bernardo. It was almost like the old days. Like Obsidian Butterfly. Not quite, but close enough to make me happy.

So, if you are like me and mourn Anita from the first 9 books here is your chance to reminisce. This book won't be as good but it won't be as bad as the last couple of total disasters - Flirt and Bullet.

Also  I didn't think that the end was rushed. Pretty much any Anita's book finishes like that - really fast, so it wasn't a surprise. And for pity's sake, please someone change the covers - they are both horrible. They should have gone the way of the comic books and drawn the covers instead of what we're seeing now.

All in all, a relief. Read if you an old fan.

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* * *
Свершилось, мои хорошие. Первая книга Анита за последние годы без единой оргии! Ура-а-а!!! Более того, в книге всего одна малюсенькая и очень скромная по стандартам ЛКГ любовная сцена.

Вы не представляете с каким облегчением я перевернула последнюю страницу, ведь готовилась к ещё одному Г на палочке после Флирта и Пули, ан-нет, видимо, какой-то редактор или издатель нажал на Лорел, и она хоть немножко но вернула прежнюю Аниту.

Да, книга с большими изъянами, Анита уже не та. Она очень сильно смягчилась и видно, что устала. Даже Эдвард изменился. Как обычно с Лорел, она работает над своими комплексами через Аниту - тут у нас и полицейский, который ни с того ни с сего её абсолютно ненавидит, тут и проблема, когда ей приходится объяснять, как такая маленькая женщина может быть одним из лучших маршалов США, и.т.д. и т.п. Мы всё это видим в каждой книге.


Мне, честно говоря, было по барабану. Здесь есть экшн, которым так хороша Лорел, здесь есть Эдвард с гранатомётом, маньяк Олаф (когда его уже кто-нибудь замочит?) и улыбающийся Бернардо. Почти что Обсидиановая Бабочка (моя любимая книга серии), но до неё очень сильно не дотягивает, конечно.

В общем, читать, если вы закалённый в боях фан Аниты.



Nina @ Death, Books, and Tea said...

I loved this! The best books in the series were 1-5, then Skin Trade and this. Glad you agree with me about Anita being at her best when not involved in sex of some kind...Let's hope the next one stays on the same track...

Nina @ Death Books and Tea

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

I have a suspicion that it won't. Unless LKH is willing to take the books few steps up, meaning delve deeper in vampire politics, because of all the new Council and Mother of All Darkness business...she'd better finish off the series with a bang, because I don't want another Bullet. It was horrendous!

N.L. Mars said...

I haven't read any of the Anita Blake books (I'm planning on doing so once I have less books on the to-read pile and more time to go through them one after the other) but I did read the first Merry Gentry book (A Kiss of Shadows, I think?) and loved it. Sure, it's not great literature, but it's damn addictive.
Can't wait to give this series a go. Great review! :)

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

I prefer Anita to Merry :) Do try them. I just can't shake the damn thing off, Anita was one of the first urban fantasies I've read and I'm completely in love with books 1-9, the rest is just getting worse from book to book mainly because there is more and more sex and less and less plot, but still they are addictive. :)

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