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Forbidden by Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee review

Forbidden by Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee (The Book of Mortals #1)

Egalley thanks to Hachette Book Group

Synopsis from Goodreads
New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker teams with Tosca Lee to create this gripping thriller set in a desolate future.
A terrible truth has been revealed to one man: the entire human race has been drained of every emotion except one— fear. To bring life back to the world, Rom must embark on a journey that will end either in his own demise or a reawakening of humanity. But to bring love and passion back into existence will also threaten the powers of the world with the revolution and anarchy that had nearly destroyed them previously.
After happening upon a journal through strange circumstance, Rom's world is shattered. He learns that humanity long ago ceased to "live," that it exists today in a living death of emotions. In a terrible risk, Rom exposes himself to the vial of blood folded into the old leather of the journal. His change is fearful and fraught with mind-bending emotion. A once-pious observer of the Order's passionless statues, he is filled with uncontrollable impulses. He is filled with love.
He is undone, terrified, and alone in the desolate world.
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* * *
This is as different from Equilibrium as it could have been.

A very interesting idea which really if you think about it is believable.

After the last World War which nearly destroyed the planet and pretty much wiped out Asia and Middle East, the scientists managed to separate the genes responsible for human emotions in our bodies. A radical from The Order, a religious structure which preached world peace and non-violence, sponsored further research which developed the virus that could potentially destroy the genes responsible for all our emotions apart from fear. The virus was unleashed.

5 centures later, people live in somewhat archaic society with very few luxuries, strict diets and regulations. The Order rules it all. There are certain ruling casts, among which The Order selects a Sovereign according to the date and hour of their birth. Only the richest casts have few cars, planes or computers. You can see cold weapons or firearms only in museums. Deformities be that a birth defect or broken in an accident bones are not allowed. People are reported, taken to wellness centres and never seen again. The funerals are done with empty caskets.

Among all this is Rom Sebastian, a poet (as much as you can be a poet when the only emotion you feel is fear) who believes in every teaching of The Order until an old stranger running from The Royal Guard stumbles upon him and tells him that his father was a Keeper, and it's now up to Rom to take a mysterious package, bring it to the man called Book and listen to his directions. The faith of the world depends on him.

Overwhelmed by fear, the young man runs and since that moment his destiny changes. The package has a vial of blood which restores his emotions and shows him that until this very moment he was dead and now he is alive...

The book is a rollercoaster, a very interesting ride with somewhat naive, sometimes stupid but utterly charming characters. There is plenty of blind faith. There are prophecies, evil alchemists, sacrifices, desperation and love. There is a bit of Dune in this book but it's a tiny bit.

Overall, a weird but enjoyable book. I will definitely read book #2 - Mortal, which comes out on 5/06/2012.

* * *
Очень интересно написанная книга. Не скажу, что блестяще, но оригинально. Немного даже напомнила мне Дюну.

500 лет спустя Третьей Мировой Войны, после которой человечество еле выжило, мир живет под контролем Ордена - религиозной организации, что диктует и регулирует все стороны жизни.

500 лет назад учёные определили от какого гена зависит какая эмоция и разработали вирус, который уничтожил все гены эмоций, кроме гена страха. Вирус был выпущен в открытый воздух, и теперь Орден управляет архаичным обществом с кастами, Совереном, с разрушенными технологиями и изменёнными взглядами на прошлое. В мире осталось совсем немного компьютеров, машин и самолётов. Огнестрельное оружие можно найти только в музее, а холодным оружием пользоваться запрещено.

Дефекты, будь то дефект при рождении или сломанные кости, не допускаются. Людей забирают в Центры Благополучия и больше их никто не видит.

Ром Себастьян - поэт в столице мира - Византии, и свято верит в каноны Ордена пока его путь не пересекается с безумным чужаком, который бормочет, что отец Рома был Хранителем и теперь от Рома зависит судьба мира. Он должет доставить посылку в руках чужака Хранителю, которого называют Книгой и узнать от него, что делать дальше.

Ром в страхе убегает, видя как чужака убивает королевская стража, и вся его жизнь меняется. В посылке заключена ампула крови, попробовав которую Ром ощущает эмоции, которых никогда раньше не испытывал...

Персонажи как того и следует ожидать, немного наивные, иногда глупые, но очаровательные. В книге полно слепой веры, самопожертвования, любви, злых алхимиков, ядов, пророчеств и смертей и читать её, мне кажется, стоит. Я уж точно не пропущу вторую часть трилогии Mortal, что выходит 5 июня 2012 года.



Birgit said...

Ohhhh ... I had my eyes on that book when I browsed around on NetGalley lately! Sounds like a great read! And it's good to see that you often pick books that I consider requesting myself :-) now I know when it's worth to request/buy a book, hahaha!!

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Give it a go, Birgit! It's weird but not boring :)

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