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Review: Alexander Outland: Space Pirate by G.J. Koch

Alexander Outland: Space Pirate by G.J. Koch

won from Bastard Books

Synopsis from Goodreads
Captain Alexander Outland of the Sixty-Nine (short for Space Vessel 3369, of course) is the best pilot in the galaxy. He’s also a pirate, a smuggler, and loved and loathed by women in umpteen solar systems. His crew of strays and misfits includes an engineer of dubious sanity, a deposed planetary governor, an annoyingly unflappable Sexbot copilot, and a slinky weapons chief who stubbornly refuses to give the captain a tumble.

Outland just wants to make a decent living skirting the law, but when an invisible space armada starts cutting into his business, he soon finds himself in hot water with the military, the mob, mad bombers, and an extended family of would-be conquerors. And that’s not counting an occasionally telepathic spy . . .

Like any sensible scoundrel, he hates heroics. They’re risky and they don’t pay well. But to keep his ship and crew in one piece, and make time with a certain hard-to-get weapons chief, he might just have to make an exception–and save the galaxy in spite of himself!

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* * *
  Alexander Napoleon Outland, Nap for short, is a riot. Excuse me while I take a huge step back from this book and convulse with laughter.

It was so so funny and silly and full of action and comic relief, - a much needed book for the upcoming winter months. If you love Han Solo and Serenity, this is a must read.

In short, Nap and his team of misfits (did I mention that his ship is called Sixty-Nine? *snort*) are flying through space on one of the few legitimate orders he's taken, when an invisible pirate armada chases them down to a military planet Herion.

Now they are stuck on a very uninspiring planet between military nuts, dodgy businessmen and explosive terrorists with twitchy fingers. The goal is to get the hell out, neutralise the armada, uncover an evil plot  of multi-worlds domination and get into Slinky's pants (Slinky is a blond bombshell and a weapons chief on Sixty-Nine). Last task is the most difficult of them all.

Nap is a very charming, unbashful womaniser, not cruel, but his attention wonders. A lot. There are plenty of pissed off women across the universes who remember his name and are out for his blood... He can't help himself. He stares at breasts, his trail of thought is very simple and  he is absolutely incorrigible and comfortable in his skin. He made me laugh with his "Everyone loves The Outland!" and he was not talking about his surname...

At the same time he is kind, insightful, recklessly brave and will do anything for his team. He's got a big soft heart, and that's why his team will forgive him anything. Also he is a brilliant and very clever pilot with endless amount of odd jokes. How could I not like him?

The book has plenty of non stop action, fun and involves a lot of chasing through a lake of excrement on Herion in a gliding tank Hulkie. I am not kidding! I couldn't believe my eyes when I was reading about Merderians... :D

If you enjoy a tongue in cheek space opera, this one is definitely for you! Brilliant!

* * *
Охренительно смешная и чудесная космическая опера, вообще рекомендую всем любителям научной фантастики комедийного типа! Я оборжалась пока читала, и настроение в мрачный октябрьский день поднялось как никогда.

Александр Наполеон Аутланд по кличке Нап, - лучший пилот в галактике, пират и невозможный бабник. Иногда кажется, что думает он только одним местом, так как большинство его мыслей занимает проблема как завалить его командира оружейника, умную и фигуристую блондинку Слинки, в койку, а его заявление "Все любят Оутланда!" вызывает истерический смех.

Нап и его команда направляются на планету Тредж по одному из их редких легитимных заказов на магму когда их аттакует невидимая пиратская армада, и они вынуждены прыгнуть на ближайшую планету, которой оказывается милитаризованный Херион.

Шестьдесят-Девять (конечно их корабль назван 69!) пришвартован в космический порт, подозрительные военные пытаются шантажировать Напа, чтобы он помог из инфильтровать армаду, тёмные личности бизнесмены пытаются заставить его переправить для них контрабанду, а террористская группа  Земная Лига всё пытается его взорвать.

Хаос, взрывы, безумные погони через озеро дерьма на летающем танке Халки, баня, раскрытие межгалактического заговора мирового господства, уникальный робот сексбот от механика -ботаника 69, старый хрыч Губернатор, показываюший молодёжи где раки зимуют, робкий шпион-телепат и бывший военный Херона, вкусивший воздух победы... смех и слёзы и шикарные шуточки Ната и его команды.

Читать надо!


Blodeuedd said...

It was ok, sadly I did not fall for it, like with her other books and that made me so sad :/

I do think it would make one heck of a movie though ;)

BookaholicCat said...

I haven't read anything by this author but this book sounds really fun. Great review.

miki said...

i have this book on my wishlist and i really hope i will get it soon because after your review i think i will really love it

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you didn't like it Blodeuedd! I'm not sure about the movie though. They do spend an unhealthy amount of time in a crap lake :)

Marcela, have you read her as Gini Koch? She writes popular series about aliens.

Miki, it was so much fun! I hope you'll be able to read it soon!

Melliane said...

OOOh I really need to try one book by this author, this new series sounds nice!

JC Jones said...

I just found your blog and am a new follower. I have not read Alexander Outland but have read all the other Gini Koch books. I need to get this one.

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Oh yes, I really enjoyed the humor in this one. :D So glad to see you loved it as well. And I do love me some Nap. ;D

Oh! Did you see I have an interview with him and the crew on the blog?

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

My husband and son would like this one, will pass the title on to them, great review!

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

D., try it! It was so funny!

JC, welcome! Hope you like it here :) Grab Outland if you can, it was very entertaining.

Melissa, I haven't! I'll go find it!

Kimba, It's definitely boyish sci-fi, I think they will! Let me know how it goes for them.

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