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Romantic Comedy Review: Obedient Series by Julia Kent

Maliciously Obedieint by Julia Kent (Obedient #1)

review copies courtesy of the author

Synopsis from Goodreads
Getting caught reading Fifty Shades of Grey in the parking lot at work wasn't the best way for 25-year-old Lydia Charles to meet her boss. A boss she didn't know she had. Matt Jones now had the job she had been waiting to apply for (and win) for the past year, and to add insult to injury, he's the kind of guy her parents would adore.

Damn it.

The only kid of six to choose to run off to Boston and leave behind her idyllic family in Maine, Lydia's determined to prove herself in the big city, but she has to keep Matt at arm's length. After a steamy elevator encounter that leaves her missing her panties – and most of her resolve – she decides that maybe it's time to let him get inside her.

In more ways than one.

But when Matt suddenly closes off she's upset and confused. When he also acts like he owns the place, she decides that malicious obedience – following his every command to the letter – will prove how much the department needs her creativity after he insists he knows best.

What Lydia doesn't know is that “Matt” is really Michael Bournham, the CEO of the company, part of an undercover reality television stunt. Keeping his hands off Lydia's luscious curves was becoming an exercise in restraint, but what was harder? Keeping his heart from her.

For Michael, Lydia's malicious obedience ignited a night of unbridled passion in the office that made him forget everything – including the rolling cameras – until it was too late. When unscrupulous producers make their lovemaking viral, Michael pulls out all the stops and calls in every favor as Lydia...maliciously obeys.

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* * *
Alright, peeps! Maliciously Obedient is the first book in series and it's free on Amazon, so go download it. This series seriously cracked me up.

It's kind of sweet and saucy, but what really won me over is the numerous jibes at popular culture which we rarely see in books. Fifty Shades and inner goddess gets its share, other authors too. Blogs like Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and Dear Author, and frank discussion of sex and new trends in erotica.

Of course, the main heroine, Lydia, works in social media and reads of lot of those books, so what she describes is what we see or read on daily basis.

The two main heroes are fabulous as well. Michael starts as a bit of an asshole - a typical goal driven CEO who works long days and doesn't know what happens to his employees on lower levels. He is very far from normal people's everyday reality, and it takes awhile for him to start seeing his own delusions and the consequences of his policies on his workers.

Jeremy, Michael's best friend, is a proper sweetheart and his complete opposite. I absolutely adored him. Basically, while Mike works his butt off, Jeremy travels around the world, does what he wants, wears what he likes and doesn't give a damn what other people think of him. Secretly, Mike despises Jeremy way of life, but there is much more to him than meets the eye and in the end to my enormous satisfaction he is the one who made all the right choices! *grins* Also, the guy can knit!

So, Maliciously Obedient is about Michael screwing it with Lydia; Suspiciously Obedient - about Jeremy stepping in and charming the pants off Lydia; and Deliciously Obedient is about all three in a rural environment out of the men's comfort zone searching what to do with their lives.

This is nothing to do with BDSM so don't let the titles confuse you. "Obedience" in this case is an inside joke.

Another wonderful part of this series is secondary characters. Lydia's family is warm and lively and funny (tons of brothers who made me think of Penny Reid characters). Josie, Lydia's best friend, is hilarious, and I loved her wit, and of course, Lydia's grandma is an absolute hoot.

I didn't like some of the words the author use to describe sexual organs or parts of the body like "V" or "mons" or "mushroom cup" *giggles*, but this was my personal preference and a minor irritation.

Overall, it's a wonderful romantic comedy, cozy and sweet. Very much recommended!

* * *
В общем, очень я хорошо посмеялась над этой серией книг. Первую часть можно кстати бесплатно загрузить с Амазона и попробовать.

Джулия Кент описывает милые любовные истории с перчинкой. Но что меня совсем покорило, так это её либеральное использование современной поп-культуры. Лидия - главная героиня, работает c социальными сетями и читает практически те же книги, что и многие из нас, просматривает те же блоги и подшучивает над Пятидесятью Оттенками Серого. Чувство юмора в этих книгах убойное, и я ржала во многих местах как лошадь.

Майкл, один их главных героев, начинает серию как типичный миллионер- директор большой компании. Он работает сутками и смотрит на всех остальных как на неудачников. Только когда он испытывает дозу реальной жизни, он начинает меняться в лучшую сторону.

Джереми - его лучший друг, был моим любимчиком. Он тоже заработал свои миллионы в 90-е гг., однако в отличие от своего друга, он начал странствовать по всему миру и развлекаться. Он одевается в чёрти что и ему наплевать что кто-то о нём думает. Майкл смотрит на него свысока, но именно Джереми под конец получает, что Майк так отчаянно желает, и делает это, радуясь жизни.

Подруга Лидии - Джози, была просто роскошна, и я надеюсь, что она получит свою собственную книгу. А её семейство с многочисленными братьями напомнило мне творчество Пенни Рид.

Единственное, что меня немного коробило, это слова, описывающие части тела в интимных сценах. Но это моё личное предпочтение, и на качество сюжета не влияет.

В общем, читайте! Особенно когда нужно что-то уютное под мерзкую погоду.
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