The Postman Knock #133

We have hot showers, proper ones, peeps! After two years of lukewarm or cold ones here on the farm! I just can't tell you how happy it made me! *grinning* Other than that these were another couple of quiet weeks. I enjoyed baking some yummy goodies and making lots of preserves.

Here is what I READ/LISTENED TO:

I already complained about SORCERER TO THE CROWN in my review. OF METAL AND WISHES was interesting but I can't say I loved it. I also reviewed A CURIOUS BEGINNING already and fount it glorious. ECHOES was fantastic although not everyone would appreciate the writing style. I'll be reviewing it next week, so stay tuned. THE FINAL EMPIRE blew my mind (it was a week of very good reads as you see!) and I'm binge reading the rest of the series right now. I finally finished VAMPIRE STATE OF MIND which was humorous British urban fantasy. It started really well, but the end was kind of meh.I DNF'd THE VERSIONS OF US it was just sooo boring. At last, KINDRED IN DEATH was superbly written. 


Thank you, publishers and Linda!


I told you I'd be binging on this creeptastic series :)

This is it for me, have a fab weekend, everyone!

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