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Sc-Fi Romance Review: Calling The Change by Michelle Diener

Calling the Change by Michelle Diener (Sky Raiders #2)

ecopy thanks to the author

Synopsis from Goodreads
He rescued her despite impossible odds—Garek has rescued Taya and the rest of his village from the sky raiders, but their return home doesn't bring easier times. The sky raiders aren't simply going to go away—they still need the shadow ore they came for, and they want the ships Garek stole from them back. But they aren't the only threat . . .

First she was in danger from the aliens who abducted her, now she's in danger from her own people—Taya's been rescued, but she isn't home a week before she's taken again, this time by men who walked the walls with Garek. They've taken her as a consolation prize of sorts, having failed to get hold of Garek himself. They think Taya's value to the people they're working for is her relationship to Garek, but they are wrong . . .

Garek and Taya never gave up on each other before, even when the distance between them was impossibly far, and they aren't giving up on each other now. As Garek searches for her, and Taya engineers her escape, they discover the motivations behind the new attacks on them are darker than the endless reaches of space they've just escaped from.

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 I admit the main reason I keep under rating this series is that the plot never has an opportunity to dig down. It's a big tease with a lot of interesting tidbits and very little backstory.
For what it's worth, it's light sci-fi/fantasy romantic fiction which would appeal to readers of both genres if you want something short and quick.

I personally need more bite. The dialogue with raiders is long overdue, we need to know more about Iron Guard, and I'd also like to have a better understanding of Garek and Taya's planet.

What I always enjoy in Michelle Diener's books is the solid partnership between the hero and heroine. I loved Garek and Taya's perseverance and continuing unflinching support of each other. There is something pure and true about them. And they both kick ass.

The storyline delves into a few political intrigues, but sustains a breezy pace all the way through. I'd say the romance is the strongest point of this book, and I'll reserve judgement on the whole series until I've read book three. Overall, I'm neutral to it.

Sky Raiders 

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 Признаюсь, что причина, по которой я продолжаю занижать оценку этой серии в том, что в ней очень мало мяса. Не хватает элементов научной фантастики, недостаточно фэнтезийного построения мира, только вот романтическая сторона развита. А так, все по верхам и вскользь.

Вроде, есть политическая интрига, но не в масштабах Джорджа Мартина. Все быстро и простенько. Когда хочется узнать побольше о происхождении Баррита, религии и его народах, деваться нам некуда. Никто не рассказывает о Железных Стражах, нет диалога с Рэйдерами, а надо.

Единственное, что радует - это отношения Гарека и Тайи. Они - крепкая, оптимистичная, мощная пара, которые без колебания друг друга во всем поддерживают, что меня очень радовало.

А в общем, на троечку с плюсом. Читать можно, но не вдохновляет.

Небесные Рэйдеры
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