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Friday Mini Reviews #61: J.D. Robb, Elizabeth Hunter & Danielle Bourdon

Betrayal in Death by J.D. Robb (In Death #12)


Synopsis from Goodreads
The maid at the Roarke Palace Hotel has been murdered by Sly Yost, a virtuoso of music and assassination, a hit-man for the elite. Detective Eve Dallas is aware that knowing Sly did it is no help because someone with a personal motive was behind the murder, and her husband Roarke is probably the next target.

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This one felt pretty low key, but was still enjoyable to read. It's been awhile since I listened to it, but I remember that the villain was an intricate and interesting fellow while the whole investigation turned out to be really straightforward with hardly any surprises.
* * *
Это была довольно спокойная, лишённая сюрпризов книга, однако я всё-равно читала её с удовольствием. Я слушала её довольно давно, на помню что сам злодей был интересен, хотя расследование оказалось прямолинейным.

 On A Clear Winter Night by Elizabeth Hunter (Irin Chronicles #3.5)

Ecopy thanks to the author

Synopsis from Goodreads

A very special holiday short story for readers of the Irin Chronicles

Join Ava, Malachi, and their friends for Midwinter holidays in Prague. The Irin might not celebrate Christmas, but that doesn’t mean Ava has to give up on the holidays. With her children on the way, nothing will stop the newest Irina from celebrating with her growing family. But will lingering doubts and worries about fatherhood let Malachi celebrate the way he wants?

On a Clear Winter Night is a short story set after the first three books of the Irin Chronicles.

Amazon kindle US/UK


I am so glad Elizabeth wrote this happy ending for her heroes. It was fluffy and Christmas-y and gave real feel good feeling to me as a reader. It's a short story which feels like an icing on the cake, and for winter season it's perfect.
* * *
 Я  рада, что Элизабет подарила нам эту счастливую концовку Хроников Ирина. Эта короткая история была очень милой, по-настоящему рождественской и прекрасно подошла под моё зимнее настроение.

Heir Untamed by Danielle Bourdon (Latvala Royals #1)

kindle freebie

Synopsis from Goodreads

Desperate for work to avoid eviction from her Seattle apartment, photographer Chey Sinclair accepts a rare opportunity to travel abroad and photograph Latvala Royalty. Encountering the Royals for the first time, Chey experiences an instant attraction to Mattias, second in line to the throne. He's charming, confident—and taken.

During a horseback ride to clear her head, Chey finds herself in a scuffle with Sander Fisk, head of security. Rugged, determined and sharp tongued, Sander is infuriating as well as intriguing.

Faced with conflicting emotions and a mystery unfolding in the castle, Chey must decide between men: a Prince of Latvala, or an arrogant rogue.

She discovers the hard way that this particular fairy tale was more than she ever bargained for.
 Amazon US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK

What can I say? Pure. Guilty. Pleasure! Peeps, it's also free on kindle so grab it. I enjoyed it and I do love a good royal fairytale story, which Miss Bourdon delivers. Of course it's not realistic, but it's fun and hot and full of drama-llama.
* * *
Что я могу сказать? Дамы и господа, это какое-то сплошное виноватое удовольствие да еще и бесплатное, если вы загрузите её с Амазона. Я люблю хорошую историю королевской любви, и Даниель Бурдон в этом плане не разочаровывает. Далекая от реализма, она мила, полна драмы и красивых сказочных пейзажей.

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