The Postman Knock #118

Hello and Happy Easter, everyone! I haven't had much to post bookwise last week, so I skipped the post on Sunday, however this week was awesome. First of all, we've got a dog! Mishka was lost or abandoned, and my friend picked her up from the street knowing that we've been looking for a dog for some time. She is a very young pup and absolutely adorbs.

And of course I spent all day yesterday making my Orthodox Easter cakes even if in Russian calendar it's celebrated a week later. Oh well. First time I made something so complicated in a bread oven, and it wasn't half bad. I also used natural dye for the eggs. Pretty, aren't they?


I've already said why CAPTIVE PRINCE & PRINCE'S GAMBIT were mind blowing read here. WHITE NIGHT & SMALL FAVOUR proved again that Harry Dresden rocks on audio, and WOLF BRIDE started promising, and ended up being a very disappointing read. Oh well...



This is it for me, hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hugs xxx

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