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Review: The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook

The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook (Iron Seas #1)

Review copy thanks to Berkley UK

Synopsis from Goodreads
Steampunk adventure and seductive danger abound in the gritty world of the Iron Seas.

After the Iron Duke freed England from Horde control he instantly became a national hero. Now Rhys Trahaearn has built a merchant empire on the power - and fear - of his name. And when a dead body is dropped from an airship on to his doorstep, bringing Detective Inspector Mina Wentworth into his dangerous world, he intends to make her his next possession.

Mina can't afford his interest, however, Horde blood runs through her veins, and becoming Rhys's lover would destroy both her career and her family, yet the investigation prevents her from avoiding him . . .

But when Mina uncovers the victim's identity, she stumbles upon a conspiracy that threatens the lives of everyone in England. To save them, Mina and Rhys must race across zombie-infested wastelands and perilous oceans - and Mina discovers the danger is not only to her countrymen, as she finds herself tempted to give up everything to the Iron Duke.

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* * *
When this book came out for the first time in US I knew nothing of steampunk, but my favourite blogs were positively gushing about it. I read it on a whim and fell in love with this genre - a peculiar love child of gadgetry and sci-fi in a historical setting.

To this day The Iron Duke is THE book that set my standards incredibly high. A dashing airship captain aka former pirate? Check. Clockwork hearts and tiny minuscule mechanisms miraculously repairing your body? Check. A wilful woman in a traditionally male position of authority? Check. Zombies? Check. Kraken? Check. Slavers, religious nuts, racism, adventurers, inventors? Check and many times more check.

There are so so many wonderful facets to this book, that it's not possible for me to describe them all. 

Mina is incredible, and her relationships with Rhys strongly remind me of another powerful couple - Eve Dallas and Rourke from In Death series by J.D.Robb aka Nora Roberts.

He is a brute with a loyal and fierce heart whose every action is weighted down by his responsibilities for his people. He has no time or inclination for fripperies and thus he chooses the straightest route to his heart desires. Awkward at social niceties Rhys doesn't understand the complexities of Mina's life and legacy but when he at last does he tries his best to change the situation.

Mina with her Horde's eyes, a child of Frenzy (an impulse sent by The Horde which made people couple so the horde could have more kids as a workforce) faces racism and open hatred all her life. When her investigation brings her to The Iron Duke, the man who freed the country from the oppressors, the spotlight isn't kind to her. It gets worse because Rhys wants her like no other woman and will do anything to get her. 

The plot she uncovers endangers all England including her younger brother who is on the ship of the enemy, and Mina will do anything to save him, even risk her reputation and career.

The woman doesn't hesitate in her determination, she aces in their adventures and despite the differences and very hostile and stormy beginning of her relationships with The Iron Duke she finds that they are very similar.

I freaking adore this book, and this is the third time I read it *grinning*

 If you are not sure about the genre, this is the best way to find out if you like it or not. However, the only book that came close to Iron Seas epicness in my opinion is Greyfriar by Clay & Susan Griffith.

Recommended to everyone.

* * *
Ревью на русском было написано давно, и найти его можно здесь.


Melliane said...

OOh I so need to read this one. I keep hearing everywhere how this book is amazing. I really don't know why it's not done yet. I can't wait!

Giselle said...

Ooh nice this sounds reakly good! Steampunk is getting really popular. It's a hit or miss with me though but I've enjoyed a few this year already I'll have to check this one out!

Petra said...

First, WOW, I love your new design. Brilliant! :)
And I like the new picture, great steampunk outfit! ;)

The book sounds pretty amazing! But I haven't read any steampunk yet! I got Soulless at home, so I guess I'll start with that. :)

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Soulless is a really nice and funny book, a great way to get into steampunk! I say: Go for it, Petra! ;))

Melliane and Giselle, girls, you REALLY need to read this book!It's brilliant!

Mel said...

I love that we gave Iron Duke the same score! It's a great book - plenty of action, hor romance and a fabulous world to play around in! :)

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