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Time Travel YA Review: Cheating Death by April White

Cheating Death by April White (The Immortal Descendants #5)

ecopy thanks to the author

Synopsis from Goodreads

In the thrilling conclusion to The Immortal Descendants series, a life has ended, the future is lost, and a war has just begun.
An explosion has split Time and Archer has paid the ultimate price, leaving Saira heartbroken and desperate to repair the rupture. But the blast has trapped Saira in an alternate future where Mongers are cornered predators and Death is the ultimate judge. If Saira and her larcenous friend, Ringo, ever want to see Archer alive, they must pull off the impossible – alter history at a moment in time to which they cannot return. But saving Archer will restore a timeline where Mongers have complete control, mixed bloods are hunted prey, and the Descendant world is spiraling into chaos.

As Saira uses her Clocking skills to prevent her worst nightmares from coming true, she travels from the dirty streets of Victorian London to the secret archives of the Vatican. She seeks a purpose that is greater than smashed hope, greater than lost love, greater than the prophecy that has shaped her very existence. She must use the lessons of history to free the present and shape the future. And in the end, Saira and her friends will face War and Death in the most important battle of all – the one for Peace.

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* * *
 This was a really spectacular ending to the series, peeps, and I feel happy about it!

First of all, tons of things happen here: in time, in space and with many revelations in between.

Saira starts the book separated from Archer by the time stream split in 1944. Together with Ringo and Tom she has to travel into the past to repair it in order to reunite with everyone she knows and love.

It's a hard journey for our Clocker and her friends. They feel very isolated and at times intensely grieving, but there are also a lot of wonderful side stories enriching the plot including characters like Rachel, Artemisia, Doran and even Mary Shelley.

While Archer is dealing with problems at his end, Saira clashes with powerful enemies in the past. As usual, Wilder is terrifying, but we also understand his and Seth's motives more due to surprising revelations about The Immortals.

The end result is a beautifully crafted, emotionally complex, rich story which I enjoyed immensely. It's sad to say goodbye to all the characters, but the ending more than makes for it! Highly recommended series.

* * *
Зрелищная концовка серии, дамы и господа, которая ну очень мне понравилась!

Прежде всего, в этой книге происходит множество событий во времени и пространстве, с большим количеством откровений между.

Саира, Ринго и Том оказываются отрезаны от Арчера и Ко. когда временной поток разрывается на две альтернативные ветки в 1944 г. Вся остальная книга разделена на две точки зрения: Арчера и Саиры, где он пытается переиграть Сета в настоящем, а Саира прыгает в прошлое, чтобы исправить разрыв во времени и вернуться к мужу.

Для неё, Ринго и Тома это очёнь тяжёлое эмоционально путешествие, так как Саира на какой-то момент верит в то, что Арчер мёртв и погружается в кататонию. В тоже время её путешествия связывают её с очень интересными людьми: Оскаром Уайлдом, Рэйчел, Артемизией, Дораном и даже с Мэри Шелли. Все они - живые, уникальные характеры, которые так и прыгают со страниц.

Уайлдер как обычно - шикарный злодей, но мы начинаем понимать его и Сета мотивацию благодаря неожиданным откровениям из истории Бессмертных.

В общем, у Эйприл Уайт вышла очень эмоциональная, красивая и многогранная история, которая аккуратно завязала все сюжетные линии в одну превосходную концовку. Читала с большим удовольствием и вам рекомендую всю серию.
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