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Friday Mini Reviews #95: Alisha Rai, J.D. Robb & Michelle Sagara

Play With Me by Alisha Rai (Bedroom Games #1)

kindle freebie

Synopsis from Goodreads
Playing for a night…or for keeps?

Jewelry designer Tatiana Belikov may have matured enough to curb her impulsive nature, but wickedness is still her best accessory. When family troubles bring her to Las Vegas and face-to-face with the man who knows all her darkest desires, resisting temptation is futile. A night of no-holds-barred sin? Jackpot.

Once Wyatt Caine had nothing to offer Tatiana except his heart, but time has changed his fortunes. Now he’s the king of vice, and the king always gets what he wants. Especially when all he wants is her, all grown up and ready to play every dirty game he can devise.

They ignite like fireworks on the Strip, blazing hot enough to melt the best intentions. But their roll in the sheets turns into a roll of the dice, and when morning comes, Wyatt and Tatiana are left wondering whether to walk away…or go all in.

Game on.

 Amazon US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | Book Depository

I heard of Alisha Rai before, and this was free on kindle, which meant it was a safe way to try a new author for me. Straight away I noticed strong writing. A delicious backstory, complex characters, and hot intimate scenes. Absolutely will be reading more of her!
 * * *
Я слышала об Алише Рэй до этого и наконец решила попробовать этого автора, благо книга была бесплатной на киндле. Сразу видно: сильный автор. Сложные герои, глубокая, неоднозначная история с весьма любопытным и жгучим прошлым, между ними разделённым. Рекомендую и буду читать мисс Рэй дальше.

 Taken in Death by J.D. Robb (In Death #37.5)

bought on audio

Synopsis from Goodreads

A new and fantastically gripping Eve Dallas short story

'The evil witch killed Darcia. Henry knew it because he'd seen Darcia on the floor, and all the blood. Everything felt funny and sleepy and wrong. He knew he was under a spell. The evil witch's magic spell.'

When twins Henry and Gala are kidnapped and their nanny killed, Lieutenant Eve Dallas steps in to take control. But video footage shows what appears to be their mother arriving and leaving with the obviously drugged seven-year-olds. Something is wrong, and Eve, her husband Roarke and her brilliant team are ready to work round the clock to get the children back alive...

 Audible US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK

A very witchy, slightly paranormal take on Hansel and Gretel. As always, very enjoyable and fast-paced. Roarke can't stay away even from a tiny investigation like this one. *shakes head*
* * *
Очень ведьмовской, немного паранормальный вариант сказки о Ханселе и Гретель. Как обычно, стремительное, полное событий, развитие сюжета, и даже в этом очень коротком расследование Роарк никак не может остаться в стороне! *качая головой*

 Cast in Peril by Michelle Sagara (Chronicles of Elantra #8)


Synopsis from Goodreads

It has been a busy few weeks for Private Kaylin Neva. In between angling for a promotion, sharing her room with the last living female Dragon and dealing with more refugees than anyone knew what to do with, the unusual egg she'd been given was ready to hatch. Actually, that turned out to be lucky, because it absorbed the energy from the bomb that went off in her quarters.... So now might be the perfect time to leave Elantra and journey to the West March with the Barrani. If not for the disappearances of citizens in the fief of Tiamaris--disappearances traced to the very Barrani Kaylin will be traveling with...

 Audible US | Amazon US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | Book Depository

Not what I was expecting from this book at all. It kind of stopped n the middle of the journey with Kaylin appointed as Harmonist, and Nightshade as Teller without reaching their goal, which left me pretty confused. Maybe it will continue where it left off in the next book?
* * *
Не то, чего я ожидала от этой книги. Она как-то неожиданно оборвалась на середине путешествия, когда Кэйлин назначается Гармонистом и Найтшейд - Рссказчиком. Что-то я осталась в недоумении от концовки, однако я так понимаю, что следующая книга начнётся как-раз таки с этого момента.
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