The Postman Knock #94

Anyone's enjoying Outlander right now? I am absolutely loving it :) 
Busy week, very hot, but the nights are getting cooler, thank God!
I've been enjoying quite a lot of books...


HEIR OF FIRE was breathtaking, - such a wonderful book, and I talked about it in my review.  I still need to write a review on DAUGHTER OF THE BLOOD and I'm shuddering just thinking about it. It's such a dark, dark fantasy... Great series though! HEIR TO THE SHADOWS is not as horrifying and intense but still very enjoyable too.



This is it for me, peeps. I am trying not to request books for review because I am truly way too busy to read as fast as usual, so we'll see how it goes.
No matter what, there'll still be reviews on this blog just more of the books I bought :)

Have a lovely weekend,

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