The Postman Knock #86

Hello, boys and girls!
I'm feeling a bit lethargic this week, so even as my Internet went back to normal, I had no inclination of blogging and commenting. I'm sorry for that. You were not forgotten but I needed a break. 
I got the news as well that my grandfather is dying, and it makes me incredibly sad. He's been battling cancer for 8-9 years, and his frail body is finally giving up. I am too far away and can't afford to fly over, otherwise I'll be there for him, so all I can do is talk to my mom about him.
Anyway, back to positive, good stuff, alright?


BEAUTY FROM PAIN was very charming and had a cute Aussie slang coming from the main hero. I really enjoyed it. (It's still FREE on Amazon, peeps!) Otherwise I'm on re-reads - currently on Discovery of Witches, preparing to read The Book of Life... Oh, Matthew! *sighs*


Thanks to the publishers!


Tempting Fate is a second book in an exceptionally good YA paranormal time-travel series! Thank you, April! I'm also looking forward to Second Daughter. First book in this bollywood steampunk fantasy was amazing. Thank you, Susan!

BOUGHT: (and not feeling guilty about it!)

Beauty from Pain was FREE by the way, so doesn't count! :)

I've also download CALIBRE after Vika mentioned it to me. Oh wow, now I can buy an ebook in any format and turn it into mobi file for my kindle! Well, well, well,
f*ck you, Amazon UK with your territorial restrictions. What a great program!

At last, Alex found an amazing mix of techno from 1991, and we've been listening to it non-stop, it's sooo good :)
Tchau, everyone! Have a lovely day!

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