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Why there are no excuses for sloppy writing: A Rant-ish.

Hello, my dear readers!
This is one of those rare rants I get maybe once a year, that I can't help but share with you.
Please, forgive me.

Does poor editing, spelling or bad grammar in general drives you insane?

I've just finished Raw by Belle Aurora, and I also read few of Christa Wick's erotic romances recently, and no matter how talented the author may be, when one spells "no" instead of "know" ,
"something is rotten in the state of Denmark."

I am not a purist.
English is not my first language, and I still struggle with its punctuation like crazy, but even I can't understand why would an author be so sloppy with their editing.

This is their book, their baby, their precious.

Even if they can't afford to hire an editor, there are literary support groups, beta-reading and fantastic programs like Grammarly for online proofreading.

Heck, if I ever decide to write a book, a some sort of online proofreading program will be the first thing I'll use before I even show my precious to any native English speaker.  I'll be too embarrassed to make grammatical errors, never you mind my poor writing style.

Maybe the problem in general is that people don't care anymore? 
Some authors brazenly publish the first or second draft and think we'll pay for them as it is?
Maybe their friends are too polite to point their mistakes to them?

What is it, guys?
Does anyone have a clue?

Because it's not only an English-speaking problem. I've been talking to my Russian mom, and she was complaining that no one knows how to write or speak the language correctly anymore.
The standards are dropping.

I personally know that small errors or typos might make me smile, but if the book I bought is littered with them, especially simple spelling ones?
I can not forgive it.
I despise sloppiness.

What about you?
What would make you drop the book or the author?
Why do you think people publish non-edited or badly edited books?

P.S. This is what I got just copying and pasting this text into Grammarly's proofreading window.
At least, my spelling is alright. :)

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