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Urban Fantasy Review: Hunter by Skyla Dawn Cameron

Hunter by Skyla Dawn Cameron (Demons of Oblivion #2)

review request

Synopsis from Goodreads
Sometimes natural predators need to be kept in check, and for that, there's Ryann David. Orphaned as an infant and raised by an exiled branch of the church to become a warrior for God, she and her fellow members of Venatores Daemonum have trained all their lives with only one purpose: destroy all demons in the mortal realm.

But when Ryann and her team are sent to hunt down a vampire who has killed one of their own, a new world of danger, betrayal, and conspiracy greets her. Allied with an irreverent psychic detective and the very monsters she was raised to kill, Ryann will risk everything—her life, her faith, and her heart—in pursuit of the truth as the black and white existence she knew turns a murky shade of gray.
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* * *
Another fun read from Ms Cameron which reminded me slightly of Vampire Academy because the main heroine was a young, inexperienced vampire hunter who constantly questioned authority. Sounds like Rose, right? There were other similarities as well.

However don't get me wrong, this is all generalisation at best, and Hunter is a very good story with its own unique flavour.

Ryann just graduated as a very talented hunter, and her first mission along with a bunch of other newbies is to find and kill Zara Lane, whose delightful character we met in Bloodlines.

She has to contact a local psychic, Ellie Rhys and ask for his help in the search of a famous vampire assassin. However, very slowly Ryann's world is falling apart at the seams along with her investigation.

Nothing is as black and white as she was told during her years of study in a convent. The world is big, exciting and confusing, the monsters are good and bad, and not just all evil,  but worst of all, her own teachers and mentors are not as noble and righteous as she was led to believe.

The story is straightforward, but it doesn't feel boring more like cosy. You know, like a favourite pair of comfortable pyjamas? Zara's appearance spices everything up and makes it all the more entertaining, and the ending is pretty romantic.

Overall, an easy, lovely read. Especially recommended for newbies in urban fantasy. It's not overly dark or grisly to put people off, and it's fun.

* * *
Я когда прочитала Охотника, почему-то мне Рианн напомнила собой Роуз из Вампирской Академии. Она тоже молодая, талантливая охотница на вампиров, у которой постоянные неприятности с начальством из-за того, что она не может держать язык за зубами когда видит какую-то несправедливость.

Рианн - молодая сестра монашеского Ордена охотников на вампиров и другую нечисть. Она только что прошла последние экзамены и готова доказать свою ценность учителям, которые вложили в неё столько сил и лет. Однако её  первым заданием вместе с кучей остальных выпускников оказывается охота на скандально знаменитого ассассина мирового масштаба - Зару Лэйн, с которой мы познакомились в предыдущей книге серии.

Задачей Рианн является сотрудничество с местным ясновидящим Элли Рис, но чем больше она пытается найти Зару, тем меньше её задание несёт в себе какой-то смысл. Мир, который она так привыкла видеть в чёрно-белом свете, на самом деле не так-то прост, и не все монстры одинаково злы. Хуже всего, учителя и менторы, чьим словам она верила бесприкословно, лгали ей все эти годы... Рианн чувствует, что всё, во что она верила все эти годы разваливается по частям.

Хорошая история, без выкрутасов. Советую новичкам в жанре городского фэнтези, так книга не мрачная и не очень кровавая, напугать ею кого-то сложно.


zEmfIrKa said...

Nice review! I'm glad to hear this is another good read, I was very pleasantly surprised by Bloodlines. One thing though, I'm still not over that story - so I'm not sure I want these new characters yet. :)

Blodeuedd said...

Muuuust read book 1

Unknown said...

Sounds good, K. It does sound like VA but not quite. Definitely must check this one out. Glad you liked it!

Melliane said...

I really liked this one. just finished book 3, a little behind for me but I can't wait to discover book 4

Bea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bea said...

I have Bloodlines in my pile and this sounds good too. Nice review. :)

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

OOooo! So glad to see you enjoyed this one as well. :D That's great. Thank you!

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