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Holiday Anthology Release Day Review: The Stars Afire by Elizabeth Hunter

The Stars Afire by Elizabeth Hunter 

ecopy courtesy of the author

Synopsis from Goodreads
A new anthology of short fiction featuring your favorite characters from the Elemental Mysteries.

In Lost Letters and Christmas Lights, Christmas in Rome wasn’t quite what Giovanni and Beatrice had in mind, until a set of misplaced letters leads them back to their library in the heart of Italy. Serafina Rossi hadn’t expected vampires for Christmas, but the thought of meeting the cantankerous and intriguing ally of her employers was more than she could resist.

Giovanni Vecchio has a headache, and Richard Montegu is it. In Finding Richard, Giovanni and Beatrice head east to New York City in order to take care of a little problem who’s been spotted off-off-Broadway.

Giovanni and Beatrice return to Italy in Desires of the Heart. With their nephew growing older every year, Giovanni and Beatrice travel to Rome for the holidays, this time with a new vision for their future and the future of their family.

THE STARS AFIRE is a short story and novella anthology in the Elemental Mysteries series by Elizabeth Hunter.
 It includes previously published short fiction, as well as all new stories featuring Giovanni and Beatrice.

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* * *
 This was a lovely re-read of previously published short stories, plus three new ones which I've really enjoyed! Elizabeth also threw in a sneak peak of Blood Apprentice in the end (a new Ben and Tenzin book which comes out soon), and oh boy, it wet my appetite! *grins*

A NOT-SO-SPECIAL NIGHT is a touching Valentine's Day celebration between Gio and Beatrice while Ben was still a teenager and dated Chloe. Super quick and heart-melting story.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, TENZIN was featured on the blog eons ago and you could see the hints of future attraction between Ben and Tenzin even then, considering how much they teased each other.

LOST LETTERS AND CHRISTMAS LIGHTS is gorgeous and has already been reviewed here.

FINDING RICHARD was tons of fun! It's a short about a vampire actor who loves his limelight a bit too much and who can't stop exposing himself to the world thus being Gio's personal headache. There is a solution here, and the person who comes up with it is very unexpected.

Finally, DESIRES OF THE HEART really touched me. It's a sweet story about an adoption of a traumatized Syrian baby girl, and now that Ben is all grown up, I can't wait to read about her future antics growing up with Gio and Beatrice.

Overall, sweet and easy read. A perfect holiday anthology. As usual, Elizabeth's writing is growing from strength to strength. Recommended.

* * *

Это сборник ранее изданных повестей от Элизабет Хантер, плюс три новые истории, которые я читала и перечитывала с большим удовольствием.

A NOT-SO-SPECIAL NIGHT показывает как Джио и Беатрис празднуют День Святого Валентина, пока Бен еще подросток. Мило и трогательно, да так, что сердце прям тает.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, TENZIN годы назад была выставлена на этом блоге, и уже тогда было видно начало искорок между Тензин и молодым Беном. А, ностальгия!

LOST LETTERS AND CHRISTMAS LIGHTS шикарная повесть, которая прорецензирована мною здесь.

FINDING RICHARD меня развеселила. Она рассказывает о вампире акторе, который никак не может отказаться от сцены даже под угрозой смерти и раскрытия его секретов, что оставляет Джио в качестве его няньки после каждого скандала. Решение проблемы подсказано с неожиданной стороны, что оказывается приятным сюрпризом.

И наконец, DESIRES OF THE HEARTоказалась безумно трогательной историей об удочерении маленькой сирийской сироты Беатрис и Джио теперь, когда Бен вырос и их дом запустовал. Я с удовольствием буду ожидать рассказов о ее переделках в будущем!

Мило и легко читается и хорошо повышает предрождественское настроение. Как всегда, Элизабет оттачивает свое перо все острее и острее с каждой новой историей. Рекомендую.

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