The Postman Knock #104

Hello, peeps!

I had a productive week all around. The olive harvest is finished and I'm moving onto Christmas preparations, which is really nice. I already made one Christmas wreath and gave it away :)

Blog Ahead challenge was finished successfully. I had a goal to pre-schedule my December posts, and I did it. The only thing that wasn't done was guests posts from the authors, but I will only receive them next week.

Anyway, how was your week?

I'm readinig for my own pleasure right now and it's wonderful!
I've READ:

SEVENTH GRAVE AND NO BODY was fab! Loved Charley's snarky comebacks, and Reyes was extra delicious. I really loved A LONG, LONG SLEEP as it was a gorgeous sci fi YA, and I haven't read many of those this year. At last, REBEL BELLE was tons of fun! As you can see I rediscovered my love for YA at the end of the year when I felt like I abandoned the genre, and this book made me laugh.


Okay, I know I had Elizabeth Hunter's story for review from All The Stars Look Down but I wanted to review the whole lot, so I bought the anthology anyway. I'm still reading Night Shift, but Lisa Shearin's story was such a good introduction to her new series that I impulse bought the first book in it, The Grendel Affair.

This is it for me, boys and girls. Have a fun weekend, 

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