The Postman Knock #103

Hello, everyone!
I missed last week's post because there were no new books on my shelves, but happily this week I'm back to normal (don't know for how long!). I'm in the middle of olive harvest and our days are cloudy and overcast which is the reason I'm not online as much (we are saving solar electricity) and don't go commenting on other blogs, peeps. Sorry and hugs to you all!

I've READ:
ALL THE STARS LOOK DOWN was gorgeous! I'm in a full Christmasy mode right now and can't wait to share my review with you all! SCENES FROM THE CITY was another fab collection of short stories from Penny and a total treat. Sadly, I wasn't impressed with THE KOLDUN CODE. What an ending! It put me in a bad mood... THE SILVER PEAR was a nice read, and made for a pleasant afternoon. I'm berating myself for requesting DARK TRIUMPH for review. i really don't gel with this author.  SHADOWS AND GOLD was simply wonderful. Yay for Ben and Tenzin, and huge love to Elizabeth Hunter! At last, REMNANT was sweet and short. I'll be picking this series up for sure.


Thank you, Elizabeth!

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This is it for me.

P.S. I finished my review copies for this year (woohoo!), so I'm taking a page from Kimba's book and declare December a month with no ARCs (review copies). God, that will be a nice change... I am feeling excited right now!


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