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The Postman Knock #3 and my two pence on latest authors vs. reviewers drama

Morning me dears!
How is things with you?
I had a fabulous bookish week despite being really really tired, and I hope you did too!

First of all, I wish... people had more common sense. Then there won't be sites like Stop The GR Bullies who literally shoot indie authors in the foot, authors who already struggle to get accepted for a review from the book bloggers. That site gives me an impression of raging fanaticism, and as you know you can not reason with fanatics.

...and that's pretty much what I've got from there. 
It makes me angry and sad that people think that those of us who review books on Social media sites have to avoid being negative. It's A PRODUCT which has been bought and A CUSTOMER wants to leave A FEEDBACK.  That is it.
To call negative feedback bullying is deranged. We are not mollycoddling McDonald's, Nike or Apple. Look how many negative comments Blogger receives per day because its products are crap (my personal favorite is CAPTCHA). Do you see Google calling it bullying? No.
Please, come back to your senses, people. Don't hurt the industry, and absolutely do not hurt people who blog about books. 
Stalking them is despicable.
Your behaviour is despicable.
If you are interested in reading more about this conflict, here are two fabulous posts from Foz Meadows and Stacia Kane.
Poor Tracey Sinclair, who contacted me after all this crap started, asking me to review her book actually put a disclaimer in her email saying that she will not go after me if I write a negative review, that she is not one of those crazy authors... You know what? That the author needs to say that is a sad state of affairs for all of us. 
By the way, Tracey is wonderful, so come and check her guest post on Ten Hot Spots for a First Date with a Vampire in London. There are some fabulous hidden tourist gems that I had no idea existed.
That's all I have to say, so now back to the books.
Thank you so much, Tor/Forge! I am extremely excited about both books!
The book I'm excited about the most is Stolen Night. I can't tell you how many times its release was pushed back. So many that I gave up waiting. And then I saw it on Amazon UK! SQUEE!!! If any of you haven't read Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel yet, read it. It's stunning.
I've also already read and raved about The Siren and reviewed Between The Lines  - both fabulous books in a very different way.
Thanks to The Book Pushers, Sierra Dean and The Bookaholic Cat!
For Review
Dear Suzanne, we're not worthy, we're not worthy! Thank you so much!

Kindle Freebie
...and that is it for today, me dears.
I'm discontinuing my man candy feature because of this very good post on photos and copyright, and I'm also planning to go through my earlier posts to make sure and delete all the pics that do not belong to me or do not contain books.
However, I will be adding links on cool stuff from StumbleUpon and some YouTube music.
Fabulous mix of Florence!
Happy Sunday!
P.S. Last day to enter my contest for a historical romance of your choice and tell me about your favorite historical novel! Open to all.


Birgit said...

And there's no end to all those dramas is there? I wish I had stayed at the spa and not turned the computer back on once I got back home *sigh*. One rambling author who's obviously craving attention and throwing a tantrum like a 3-year old ... this is sooo sad!

Anyway, nice book haul! I'll post my loot later today and let me just say I didn't stick to the 12-books-a-month only plan, mwahahaha!!

Mel said...

So much drama these days - it makes me sad.

Great haul this week - Heart of Steel a great gain - I should have a copy myself arriving soon! And stormdancer is on netgalley...? I will have to check it out...that doesn't count on my book buying ban! :-)

Melliane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melliane said...

Yay for the suzanne Mcleod books! I'll start it today! I really want to read ironskin and stormdancer I hope I'll have them. Happy reading darling!

There always are some problems everywhere it's so sad it's like that. we have the same in France, always terrible...

Kat said...

It's SO sad that an author needs to put a disclaimer in a review request. This is what makes me so angry about all this author-blogger drama - they aren't just shooting themselves in the foot, they are ruining potential relationships for other authors too. Just today I've seen a whole spate of 'not accepting indie-review' posts after the latest drama.

But on to happier things - great books - I love how much variety you have there! I've heard great things about Between the Lines.

My Sunday Wrap Up

Hannah @ Dragons and Whimsy said...

I've given up on drama. I'll find out what's going on because hell, I'm human, and I'll take away any lessons from it that may need to be taken. Then I leave it while everybody else goes off on a witch hunt or whatever. This week I learned that a 'no compensation for my reviews' disclaimer might be worthwhile.

And on the copyright infringement thingy: thanks for sharing that article. I shall post in my Clock Rewinders post this week to make sure the word is spread.

Books! Right. Wow. I have The King's Concubine for review and haven't had time to pick it up. It's a big one. Sounds amazing though and I love the US cover. I shall check out Rebecca Maizel if you swear by her books that much! I was also accepted for Stormdancer but haven't gotten around to contacting the publisher re: no Kindle galley option. Chances are I will buy the US hardcover anyway.

Ellie said...

As a photographer I was a bit shocked to find out people think something being in a google image search makes them free to use. The search contains everything on the Internet! I use my own photos, search for creative commons and ask other photographers for use. Pinterest has been a bit of a grey area as it's designed for creating inspiration boards and I honestly don't mind my photos being used inspiration but a lot of photogs are getting angry about it.

Blodeuedd said...

That is so sad that she had to put that in her email :(

But yes truth be told I have become scared of reviewing indie authors in case they will go batshit crazy and attack me.

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Birgit, I've read all about your spa trip and I'm jealous! ;)and let's not mention the batshit crazy author... I wanted to get popcorn while I was reading his thread! I'm looking forward to seeing your book haul today :)

Mel, yes! I was so surprised because it's such a coveted book, and Heart of Steel I had to buy in UK cover because my first book is from Berkley UK, so I held up reading until 2nd book was from them as well. We'll probably read it at the same time again :)

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Melliane, I love her books, so I hope we both like it! and yes *sigh* seems to be it's the problem that's universal. people seem to think they are entitled, when they are not!

Ooh Kat, you have to read Between The Lines! It leaves you feeling good and very positive. And yes, people like that damage reputation of all indie authors unfortunately. As I said, feeling of self-importance and entitlement does not help.

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Hannah, I think first Rebecca Maizel will be in the library. Please, give it a go! It's unusual and dark, very different take on boy-vampire going to high school. Instead it's 600-years old ruthless vampire queen, who turns into human but still thinks like she is immortal. I loved it!

Well. I do have a disclaimer that I'm not getting paid for reviews, so that probably is enough. Howeever, Chik Lit Girls made a clusterf*ck of epic proportions...

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Bugger, my latest comment just disappeared. Rewriting it again!

Ellie, for average bloke copyright for pics on the internet is a very gray area, especially when they are so easily accessible through the search engine. If I use something for my blog then I go for free resources or creative commons license, but I have been bad with man candy pics and with guests posts, so I am trying to clear them out now.

Blodeuedd, I'm sad that so many reviewers completely refused working with indie authors. You can't choose a high way all the time. Instead we can have a referral system when an author who worked with a few reviewers can ask them to refer him/her to their friends they think might like author's book. It saves so much hussle. Authors can do the same between them - ask for a recommendation which reviewer to use. It's easily done.

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

Oh wow. I sooo did not hear about this issue. And I really don't get it either. Negative reviews happen, but it's nothing on the author's fault. It just happens that this particular reviewer didn't like it. As long as the review explains why in their review there's no reason for hostility.

Anyways...nice mailbox! Not familiar with these books but I hope you enjoy them all!

Here's my STS

Have a GREAT day!

Old Follower :)

Bea said...

Oh, that poor author! That's not good at all that she felt the need to add that disclaimer. This whole blogger/reviewer/author situation is getting out of hand and a little scary. I don't understand people sometimes.

Congrats on the books you won! All in all, you got a lot of books last week and some of them look very good, enjoy!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

oooh, so jealous you got heart of steel!!! enjoy!!

Thanks for stopping by my
Sunday Shout Out

Unknown said...

Nice take, Karina! Woo Hoo for Stormdancer and Ironskin! I can't wait to start Between the Lines, I'm hoping to slide it in this week.

I try to steer clear of all the blogger/author drama but Well Said!

And I love that Florence and the Machine video. I get to see her live in September and I am STOKED:)

Michelle @ Much Loved Books said...

Great haul this week, I hope you enjoy them all.

Check out my haul

Christy @ TheReaderBee said...

Awesome new books! Soooooo many pretty covers. :) Enjoy!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Oooo, Aaaaa.... Lovely books there you have. May I come visit your shelves please? :D Hope you have a great week.

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