Book Buying Ban week #3 and karma is a bitch

Hello, my dear readers!
First of all...

Go have a look at Obvious State, Etsy based shop of graphic designer, Evan Robertson, who transforms literary quotes into these fantastic drawings.

Secondly, book bloggers are still being prosecuted for just having their opinions and ideas of free speech by the site that shall not be named. 

I was really saddened on Saturday when I found out that yet another huge and successful book blog owned by a very nice couple, Hippies, Beauty and Books... was shut down because Amanda and her husband didn't think it was worth it to keep getting harassed anymore.

I'm not surprised that members of society where it's alright to prosecute a young girl for this and fine her $45, 000 can engage in behaviour like that. 
I usually avoid vitriol, don't watch TV and read newspapers, maybe that's why small things upset me so much and really make me want to live as much off the grid as possible.

People, be good to each other. Every time you send a hateful message or troll a celebrity for daring to live their lives like we do, you know? without asking your opinion first, remember this.
Karma is a bitch.
It's all gonna come back to you three times worse than you're dishing out.

On that cheerful note, let's get back to my books, shall we?


Reading highlights of the week?

Everything else was really pleasant, but I breezed through Keeping Secret and really loved it. If you haven't read this series yet, please do! A real gem of urban fantasy and so easy to read.

Received for review:

I had a surprise package from Quercus because I reviewed the first book last year. Oh well, this doesn't set me back too much.

Total score:
78 books (13 for review)

I'm still doing well me thinks.

This week beautiful lady Joy from Joyous Reads featured my bookshelves on her Shelf Envy , so if you are interested, come and have a look.

Fab Kimberly from The Caffeinated Book Reviewer also wrote to me asking if I want her to create a button for me, she then sent me an HTML code which I never would have been able to come up with myself. I'm surrounded by wonderful people, folks, for which I'm profoundly grateful.
Thank you!

Here is my button for those of you interested.

Last bit of news, promise!
My weight loss is going well. Yoga five days a week makes me feel fantastic and more upbeat. Last week I lost 2 kg and still staying the same weight this week. Yay for that ;)

Hope you all having a lovely weekend,
lots of love and hugs!


  1. Does the drama ever end? Apparently not. *shakes head in disbelieve* And if a big and established blog decides to close down for good, well it tells you quite a few things about the blogging community.

    On a more positive note - no new books for me this week which is good considering the size of my TBR piles. Weight-wise I have no news which is mainly because I refuse to step on a scale, ha!

  2. The cheerleader case..0_0 wtf!!!!! wtf!!! I can't say that enough

  3. I stille haven't read the Iron Wyrm Affair, I'm curious to see what you think about it.

  4. I saw for Hippies, Beauty and Books, I was so sad for them and I'm always anxious that it could happen to us as well...

    And I love your button, will add it right now!

  5. Irown Wyrm Affair looks pretty good. Happy reading.

    I'm so sad that HBB are taking their blog down. What's going wrong with this world? :(

    Come and visit my WoW!

  6. Ugh. Persecuted for voicing an opinion. That makes me sick.

    Anyway, well done, you! I'm so jealous that your TBR is slimming down as the weeks of your BBB goes on. Your self-control shames mine...oh wait, I don't have any! Ha.

    Have a great week, K! xoxo

  7. It makes me sick as well. :/ And I agree, what goes around, comes around.
    But still, it makes me sad when I see all the hateful comments people leave all around the internet.

    I ordered Iron Wyrm Affair yesterday! :)

  8. I was so saddened to hear about Hippies, I enjoyed that site but I understand completely why they shut down. Life is too short to deal with that crap. I saw an article about that teenage girl earlier today and it raised my blood pressure, so wrong.

    I'm glad that both you and your tbr pile continue to slim down. Go Kara! I'm a couple books behind on the Secret books, I need to catch up.

    Happy Reading!

  9. I may not of heard of the book you got this week, but they have some amazing covers :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog

  10. I woke to hear of yet more crap today. *sigh*

    On a positive note, Quercus are all about the surprise packages! I sometimes feel a bit bad that they send me so much, and usually lovely, expensive finished hardbacks!

  11. OMG, that poor girl! What is wrong w/ the courts, are we reverting back to the days when women had no rights? ugh, sorry that article got to me too... anyhow, looks like you got some great new reads, have a good week! Book Savvy Babe

  12. It was a horrible end to the week :( Amanda and her hubby were SO dedicated to their blog, and so generous too. But you already know how I feel about those *£^$^(")$&%")£'s.

    On a positive note, well done on your book buying ban! Mine starts every Sunday and ends sometime Monday evening....


  13. Oh kimba is amazing, and love the new button!! Beautiful!

    I want Iron Wyrm Affair. I don't know why that book screams at me so. But I want it. And I have the first Sierra book on my Nook, I need to get to it one day. Hope you have a great week!

  14. Gah! Is that really true? About the girl who got charged 45,000 dollars for not cheering for a RAPIST? God, I hope not. That is such utter bullshit.



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