September New Releases I'm Mad About!

Hi, folks! Here are some of September releases I'm dying to read...

...and here are September releases I've reviewed and heartily recommend!

(click on covers to read my reviews)
Special mention goes to Stormdancer, which was incredible, and my review of it will be posted next week.

What about you? What are you waiting for next month?


  1. i have not read any mejean book yet , the same w/ the kingmakers . but really want to

    i wish i could get full blooded, raven boys or dark light of days / frown

    but happy to read vessel and whats left of me soom

    cool post

  2. THE DARK UNWINDING was fabulous! I loved everything about it. I reviewed it earlier this month. I'm excited for UNSPOKEN too. I haven't heard of RIVETED but I'm glad you introduced me to it!


  3. Unspoken, Vessel, Hanging on a thread, What's left of me, The raven boys, Dark light of day, Incarnation and Stormdancer :D Great picks!

  4. Good choices! I'm excited about most of these. I've read and really enjoyed: The Dark Unwinding, What's Left of Me, Stormdancer.

    Yay! Several of these are in my tbr pile. Need to get to them!

  5. There are a couple there I've read Full Blooded and In A Fix - which I think will be right up your street! (Well, I loved them) I can't believe Rivted is out already...and Stray Souls - I love Kate Griffin!! It's going to be a hard month when I can't buy any of these books...argh!


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