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If you want to contact me, email me at
nocturnalbookreviews at gmail dot com
You can also find me on Goodreads. You can follow our off-grid life in Portugal on Facebook and Instagram.

Review Policy

 Right now I am reviewing very few books due to time constraints, folks. I am very sorry about it. I choose to buy my books and not to stress about reviewing deadlines. Please, don't send me a review request, unless I know you and worked with you before.

I would be very happy to review any book from my Goodreads wishlist , but I'm open to suggestions for similar books.

I accept ebooks in mobi format for my kindle. I am also very happy to review audiobooks as I listen to a larger proportion of books than I read and have an active account on Audible.

 Genres I read (both in YA/NA and adult fiction):

urban fantasy
paranormal fantasy
historical fiction
historical paranormal fiction
historical romance
murder mystery/thriller
historical murder mystery
romantic comedy
erotic romance
post-apocalyptic/dystopian fiction contemporary romance

Please don't send me poems, novellas, novelettes, short stories, anthologies. I also don't read middle-grade novels and rarely finish dark romance.

I am very tentative about Christian fiction, not averse to it, but so far I've liked only a couple of authors. I like noir, mixed genres, black humour, different settings in novels - especially Eastern European and Asian.

Sending a review request

 Please include:
- synopsis and good resolution cover;
- link to Goodreads and/or Amazon;
- release date if it's not out yet;
- genre;
- 1-2 chapters of the story if it's not available as a sample on Amazon yet;
- DO NOT send me your whole book before I accept your request, please.

If you glanced at my blog you would have noticed that I rarely do negative reviews unless it's an author I've known and read for a long time and feel somewhat disappointed otherwise I DNF (do not finish)  books I don't like.

So, chances are, if I DNF your book I'll mention this on Goodreads and won't rate it on Goodreads apart from a couple of sentences explaining why I DNFed it. I'll assume you agree with this condition when you send me your request.

I will only accept few requests on a first come first served basis each month as I still have to read books I buy as well ;)

If you haven't heard from me within two weeks please assume that regrettably your book wasn't considered for a review at the time.

The waiting time for a review on average is about 2 months.

What I promise if I read and review your book:
- I will post the review on my blog, Goodreads and Amazon US.
- I will also post on Facebook, and if related, on our Facebook page and Instagram for the farm.

Thank you!