Reviews ratings explained:

Our reviews are rated from 1 to 10 points, where 10 is the absolute highest and extremely rare. It's like reading something extraordinary and that which will leave a long-lasting impression.

9 to 9.5 is the equivalent of 5 to 5+ stars on Goodreads. A rock star of a read which leaves us buzzing in the excitement.

8.5 equals 4.5 stars on Goodreads. A solid, interesting, very satisfying read which we thoroughly enjoyed.

8 points is 4 stars, recommended to everyone. It's steady and dependable and usually very, very cosy.

7.5 equals to 3.5 stars. An okay read with a few reservations, slightly boring.

7 is 3 stars. Meh, with a side of why didn't I DNF (did not  finish) it sooner?

6.5 to 2.5 you would hardly see here as a rating because anything below 7 points is not worth finishing and reviewing about. There are too many good books and too little time to waste, right?

2 to 1 points are reserved for special rants, peeps. Usually, it only happens with the author I used to adore and still try to love like before but can not. Physically, can not. I am looking at you, LKH.

All the reviews are tagged with their own ratings and easy to find through the search option. Enjoy!

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