Book Buying Ban progress and reading highlights of the week!

Hello, me dears!
As promised, no books bought or requested this week, and it was a really busy week of reading.


Lucid was a definite reading highlight of the week, and I gave this book 10/10 rating. So awesome!
The Assassin and The Empire despite general meh feeling of the first half of the novella, had and absolutely EPIC ending, so I recommend it wholeheartedly. Also, FanGirl is delightfully geeky and I read it with glee :)

86 books left (14 for review)
Not bad, eh?

We also went to antique fair yesterday, and it was so much fun! I couldn't afford most of the stuff I liked but I got some fab deals
 My hat is from 1940's and would look dashing with the steampunk outfit for Lincoln Asylum convention in September. Cups are the same period, and jewelry is not that old at all.

Hope you all had a great week, and please don't forget to enter my

There are 2 awesome books of 2012 to choose among releases and pre-orders for this year :)
Enter away!

As for the music, this track is so soothing and the instrument is called HANG.


  1. I'm amazed how many books you read each week and every day you post another review too ... where do you take the time from, girl? I am in a bit of a summer slump and two books a week is my current maximum (and those aren't even big books).

    Anyway, good to see that your ban is going well for you! And apparently you did spend some money on the fair, so at least you don't get any withdrawal symptoms as far as shopping is concerned, hahaha! Will we get to see a pic with you wearing the hat??

  2. Your ban seems to be working much better than mine! At least you are reducing your TBR pile and managing to read some great books at the same time.
    I love those earrings you picked up - so cool! :-)

  3. Birgit, yes! I'll be wearing it in September, and then will post some pics hopefully not too hideous :)))

    Mel, there were so many more, but I had to resist and stick to only few. This is only the first week, I'm sure I'll slip here and there over time. :)

  4. Cool hat :) I would love to wear hats. They should make a big comeback

  5. They probably will at some point, Blodeuedd. Then we can do it together :)

  6. Haha you are doing far better than me ;-)

    But I like how you just bought other things instead...sneaky!

    Love the cups!

  7. You had some very awesome reads this week! I can't wait to read my copies of LUCID and DEFIANCE as well. Hope you'll get some more awesome reading done this week!

    Fictional Distraction

  8. Lucid is fabulous, Carina! Read it really soon! ;)

  9. Oh look at those beautiful dishes!

    I'm impressed both with your restraint and your reading progress; very nice!

  10. Are you attending a steampunk convention?? How fun! promise to take lots of pictures, Karina:)

  11. It's a small one, around 500 people or so, Heather. We went last year and really enjoyed it, so I'm doing it again this year ;)

    Bea, these cups are lovely! I bought the same design ones last year at another fair, but smashed the plates accidentally, and the cups are chipped, so when I saw them last Saturday again, I had to buy :)))

  12. Wow, you are on a reading roll! I wish I could get through that many books at week. And love the earrings. :D Have a great week dear.

  13. Melissa, thanks! I have a weakness for earrings ;) Hope you have a great week too!

  14. I want to see the outfit that goes with your new hat now!

    Well done with the book buying ban, I lack the necessary will power.


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