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Historical Romance Review: I Kissed an Earl by Julie Anne Long

I Kissed and Earl by Julie Anne Long (Pennyroyal Green #4)


Synopsis from Goodreads
Violet Redmond's family and fortune might be formidable and her beauty and wit matchless—but her infamous flair for mischief keeps all but the most lionhearted suitors at bay. Only Violet knows what will assuage her restlessness: a man who doesn't bore her to tears, and a clue to the fate of her missing brother. She never dreamed she'd find both with a man whose own pedigree is far from impeccable.

"Savage" is what the women of the ton whisper about the newly styled Earl of Ardmay—albeit with shivers of pleasure. Born an English bastard, raised on the high seas, he's on a mission to capture a notorious pirate for vengeance. But while Violet's belief in her brother's innocence maddens him, her courage awes him . . . and her sensuality finally undoes him. Now the man who once lost everything and the girl who has everything to lose are bound by a passion that could either end in betrayal . . . or become everything they ever dreamed.

Amazon US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | Book Depository


* * *
 This was one of Miss Long's books that I couldn't help but freaking adore. Mostly, because both main characters were so sensible and unnervingly just, they ended up empowering and lifting each other above societal expectations of their era while trying to best one another at their own game.

Happy New Year and January Book Releases I'm Dying to Read!

Happy New Year, kids!!!
 Hope it gets to be even more awesome than 2017! May all your wishes come true!Last year has been full of major stepping blocks and great personal growth for me, I could not be happier.
Thank you for spending it with me. 
Much love, Karina xxx
P.S. That's two of our dogs, Snow and Lilac, and as it's a year of the dog I thought it would be appropriate to sneak them in here!

So many good books. I am most excited to see something from Marta Acosta as she hasn't published anything in ages.
What about you? What are you waiting for?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, peeps!
For what it's worth I am sorry the blog has been put on the back burner this year.
I miss it, I miss interactions with you all, but the reality is that I physically don't have enough steam to read and review as intensely as I used to do.
Our little homestead in Portugal, Olives and Acorns, took off in ways we could not imagine. This year flew by in a whirlwind of work, while surrounded by tight and very rewarding community of friends we seemed to acquire along the way and with tons of social engagements.
We are juggling two building projects at the moment along with our normal chores and find ourselves more and more in mentoring positions. Us, can you imagine?! *grins*
I've also undergone a personal transformation in the last 6 months by losing a lot of weight and improving my health along the way. It wasn't dieting, it was a lifestyle change, and I still feel surprised every time I look at myself in the mirror. Major thanks to KetoGains facebook group and their scientific approach to food and body recomposition.
Joy? high five, sister! From a fellow low carber. *winks*
Me from May to December this year

All in all, it was a fantastic year, full of change and new explorations. I hope you had a good year too, and here's to another great one! 

I don't promise anything for 2018, apart from that this blog won't go dark. I will continue reading and reviewing, albeit at a very slow pace and hope you forgive me for that, folks.

Lots of love, big hugs to you all, be safe, stay warm and have a blast!

Karina xxx

Urban Fantasy Review: Destined for Shadows by Susan Illene

Destined for Shadows by Susan Illene (Dark Destiny #1)

ecopy thanks to the author

Synopsis from Goodreads
When you’re human in a supernatural world, life can have unexpected twists.

Cori has spent the last few years trying to get herself back on track after tragedy struck in the worst possible way. She’s opened a business, made new friends, and even helped save lives. Sure, she doesn’t tell anyone about the dark deeds haunting her, but she does her best to make up for them whenever she can. That includes helping her new neighbor, a half-angel who has just spent a hundred years in Purgatory, adjust to modern life.

Bartol is damaged inside and out. The torture he has suffered left him with no desire to interact with the outside world, and so far he’s pushed everyone he knows away. Cori can’t help wanting to do what she can for the traumatized immortal—even if it requires being a little pushy—because she’s drawn to him for reasons she can’t explain. And, anyway, a little crankiness has never been enough to scare her off.

But her plans are about to come crashing down when a man from her past returns with vengeance on his mind. He’s not human anymore, and he wants Cori dead. In the end, it might not be her saving Bartol, but the other way around.

Amazon US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK


* * *

As a spin off, this is off to a solid start. It sets the scene nicely, it delves into the backstory of two main characters, and it's keeping us up to date with what's happening in Fairbanks.

My only complaint is that Cori & Bartol's interactions are very muted and sparse until they aren't. I needed them to build themselves up to that spark and sexual heat slower, especially considering how damaged they both are.

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