Urban Fantasy Early Review: Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

 Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop (The Others #3)

Egalley courtesy of Penguin Publishing Group

Synopsis from Goodreads
The Others freed the  cassandra sangue  to protect the blood prophets from exploitation, not realizing their actions would have dire consequences. Now the fragile seers are in greater danger than ever before—both from their own weaknesses and from those who seek to control their divinations for wicked purposes. In desperate need of answers, Simon Wolfgard, a shape-shifter leader among the Others, has no choice but to enlist blood prophet Meg Corbyn’s help, regardless of the risks she faces by aiding him.

Meg is still deep in the throes of her addiction to the euphoria she feels when she cuts and speaks prophecy. She knows each slice of her blade tempts death. But Others and humans alike need answers, and her visions may be Simon’s only hope of ending the conflict.

For the shadows of war are deepening across the Atlantik, and the prejudice of a fanatic faction is threatening to bring the battle right to Meg and Simon’s doorstep…

Release date: March 3rd, 2015.

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* * *
"Can you really turn into a wolf?" Robert asked.
"I'm always a Wolf," Simon replied. "Sometimes I shift to look human."
I strongly believe that Anne Bishop is an author of unparallelled skill and strength. Both her fantasy series and her urban fantasy are unlike anything I've read before. Every time I read her it feels like a revelation and I end up being completely engrossed in the plot, tense, jittery, slightly sick to my stomach, excited.

Vision in Silver yet again is very different from Written in Red and Murder of Crows. It's not stronger or weaker, - it's a natural progression, evolvement of characters and situations. What is sown in the first two books, is reaped in this instalment.

Meg starts experimenting with controlled cutting and sees visions which make The Others pay even closer attention to the politics of Human First and Last. At the same time a little girl arrives into Lakeside Courtyard carrying deadly secrets, and Meg herself finally figures out how to help other cassandra sangue to adapt to their new life.

This book really shows the divide between Us and Them, the alienness of The Others and the wilful, arrogant blindness of humans. At the same time, personal relationship between Simon and Meg is taking a back seat in view of mounting tensions in Thaisia. Still there is plenty of wry humour and much more interactions between The Others and humans of The Courtyard.

Vlad pulled a book off the shelf. The cover showed a muscular male who was partially clothed, looked menacing, and was meant to be some kind of terra indigene. At the male's feet was a partially clothed female, probably human, who, despite cowering, had her chin lifted in a defiant attitude and had her back arched in a way that displayed an impressive pair of breasts.[...]
Vlad read a couple of pages, then put the book on the cart. "Some of us might read it if you shelved it as a comedy."
Simon eyed him, then looked at the book. "Or put it in with the cookbooks?"
The tension here is palpable, and the ending is explosive. I could not stop reading! Vision in Silver is solid, exhilarating and will become one of my bookish highlights of the year, no doubt. In fact, I want to re-read the whole series to enjoy it all over again. Read it!

* * *

"Ты и вправду превращаешься в Волка?" спросил Роберт.
"Я -всегда Волк, "ответил Саймон. "Иногда я превращаюсь в человека."
Я уверена в том, что Анн Бишоп - автор феноменальный, обе её серии - серия фэнтези и серия городского фэнтези - что-то уникальное, и сравнить мне их не с чем. Каждый раз когда я беру её книгу в руки я не могу от неё оторваться, она держит меня в напряжении и вызывает холодный пот до самого конца!

Третья книга серии совсем не похожа на две предыдущие, но это не значит, что она слабее или сильнее их. Она  - естественное развитие событий, натуральный рост характеров. То, что посеяно в первых двух книгах, наконец-то пожинается в книге третьей.

Мег начинает экспериментировать с контролируемыми пророчествами, и первый же эксперимент подтверждает, что Другим следует внимательно присмотреться  к действиям  партии Люди Первые и Последние. Затем маленькая девочка, полная смертельных секретов прибывает в Двор Лэйксайд. И наконец, Мег осознаёт как именно она может помочь кассандра санг выжить на новоприобретённой свободе.

Эта книга по-настоящему показывает разделение на своих и чужих, расширяющийся разрыв между людьми, наивно верящими в то, что Таисия должна принадлежать им, и Другими, знающими, что сердце континента само решит оставить ли людишек на нём или их уничтожить. Отношения между Мег и Саймоном отходят на задний план, однако Двор и люди, с ним работающие начинают общаться и перемешиваться всё больше и больше.

В общем, книга безумно напряжённая, интересная, и я вам советую её не пропускать. Читайте ибо НАДО!

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