The Postman Knock #85

Hello, peeps! My internet connection dwindled to nothing in the last 10 days, so I begged Vika to post all the images in this post for me. (Thank you so much, darling!)
I had a gorgeous day last night! We went to a dam and I swam in a crystal clear, warm water despite somewhat cloudy sky, and then came back home and made a delicious plum jam from our first harvest of plums. Yummy! How was your week? 

I've READ:

USE as everything CD Reiss writes was cleverly twisted, melancholic, painful and invigirating. I don't know how she does it but she does it really well. WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART'S BLOOD was and epic read with a sadistic ending. I was left hanging in the air and gasping for breath. Bloody hell! that's all I can say... THE UNFINISHED SYMPHONY OF YOU AND ME  was absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking. Fantastic chick lit, funny and gentle. Totally recommended, and I'll be reading everything else Lucy Robinson has ever written! THE PRINCE OF PUNK ROCK had a personality of limp fish so I DNFed it almost at the end. At last, LOSING CONTROL was another gem from Jen Frederick, and for once I really enjoyed the balance of power between the hero and heroine despite that he is rich and she is a severe dyslexic. LOVED it! 


Thank you, Vika, for knowing the right people *grins* You are a godsend!


I blame Gabaldon on my current binge on contemporaries. After a read that long I HAD to cleanse the palate :)

This is it for me. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday,  tchau!

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