The Postman Knock #97

Hey, peeps!
Just a quick post today.
Have you seen my video review? Shall I review something like that again? Opinions, please :)
Here is what I READ:

DREAMS MADE FLESH was a wonderful compilation of stories, which helped to connect the dots for a lot of stuff happening  on book #3 of this series. Loved it! TANGLED WEBS was awesome, a great story about a very twisted, haunted house which kept me on my toes. FOREVER STARTS TONIGHT was a beautiful novella about one of my favorite menages in Roni Loren's books. *sigh* So sweet!



This was on my wishlist, so I'm glad it was free on kindle!

 This is it for me, peeps! Have a a wonderful weekend, and I'll speak to you next week,

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