The Postman Knock #96

Lovely week again, folks! Rainy and cozy and cool. I really enjoyed it despite having a long, exhausting day in Lisbon on Thursday trying to exchange my old Russian passport (which I couldn't because good old Russian bureaucracy reared its ugly head and said my documents weren't in order. You gotta laugh. I don't really need that passport unless I go to see my family, so I'm not in a rush to sort this sh*t out).
 I also tried my hand at recording a spontaneous audio review, which you should see next Friday. :) I had fun, and I really want to do it again, but properly this time :)

Here is a little present for you from the Chinese supermarket we raid every time we are in Lisbon. Because I had to have it! And it's supreme quality... *giggling*


THE INVISIBLE RING was alright, but because it didn't involve my favorite characters I didn't like it as much. Still, quite a nice fantasy even if the main hero was a proper tool!  ENGRAVED was goood, and had lots of delicious Hawke, but I disliked the abrupt, confusing ending. I want more! PREMONITIONS was an interesting urban fantasy, and I have a lot to say about it. I liked it, and I think this series will only get better. At last, MASTER OF CROWS was delicious, and I finally see why Elizabeth Hunter praised it so much. Really lush!


I swear I'm only requesting things I know I've been waiting for ages, and there is still too much to read!


Woohoo, looking forward to reading both of these beauties!

Anne Bishop is on audio, obviously. And I had to read more Grace Draven. Seriously, buy her, her stuff is so good!


 It really surprised me that it was free! Grab it while you can.

This is it for me today, and  hope you are enjoying your Sunday as much as I do mine.

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